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The UK's Leading Weight Loss Clinic: Specialists in Gastric Band and Gastric Balloon

Founded in 2003 by Dr David Ashton, the weight loss specialists at Healthier Weight provide the gold standard for diagnosis, treatment and management of overweight and obese individuals in the UK. Our guiding philosophy is that obesity surgery is emphatically not a cosmetic procedure and should be undertaken not only to help people lose weight but also to improve overall quality of life and weight related co-morbidities such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

We have helped thousands of people to lose weight and change their lives forever. Our reputation for excellence is built upon a decade of excellent weight loss results and is only possible because we are weight loss specialists, it's all we do! This means that on every step of your weight loss journey, you are guaranteed support and care from a team of experienced weight loss professionals, leaving you to focus on enjoying your new life.

History of Healthier Weight

Initially Healthier Weight offered a medically supervised behavioural programme designed for individuals with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25-30 which used a specially developed range of weight loss products branded as Weight to Go. As the prevalence of obesity rose, Healthier Weight undertook obesity (bariatric) surgery and we now offer the full range of weight loss surgery procedures. We only use expert obesity surgeons with Professor Franco Favretti as our lead bariatric surgeon. Professor Favretti has a world class reputation in the field of obesity surgery, having defined the laparoscopic gastric banding technique adopted by surgeons worldwide today. Our most popular procedures are:

Gastric Band

The first choice procedure for most people is the gastric band because it is the safest of all weight loss surgery procedures with over 20 years of proven results. The surgery takes just 45 minutes and the majority of patients choose a day-case procedure, meaning they are home the same day and able to return to work within a few days.

The main advantage of a gastric band is that it is adjustable so with the support of a specialist team, the band can be adjusted to control appetite and to deliver safe, successful weight loss results. Gastric band surgery is also completely reversible as no permanent changes are made to your body.

Professor Favretti pioneered the SILS single incision gastric band procedure where the band is placed through one main incision in the umbilicus. This procedure is exclusive to Healthier Weight and leaves a virtually 'Scarless' result, rather than the five scars associated with standard gastric band procedures.   

Gastric Balloon

The non-surgical gastric balloon procedure is a safe, discreet and effective way to break the routine of yo-yo dieting. It combines the security of a non-surgical medical treatment with a 12 month support programme for long-term success. Patients can choose between the standard Orbera single balloon and the revolutionary ReShape Duo dual balloon.

Gastric Bypass

Although more invasive than gastric banding, in expert hands gastric bypass or “Roux-en-Y” gastric bypass surgery is a safe, very effective form of weight loss surgery. The procedure involves dividing the stomach and the bowel and  combines restriction and an effect on gut hormones to deliver long-term weight loss.

Gastric Sleeve  

A gastric sleeve or sleeve gastrectomy was originally developed for when the anaesthetic risk associated with more complex procedures was too high. Many patients did so well with the gastric sleeve that no further surgery was required and today it's a popular alternative to the gastric bypass as a simpler and quicker procedure to perform. 

Patient Aftercare
Your procedure is an investment in weight loss and the return on that investment hinges on the quality of your aftercare. Put simply, good and safe long term weight loss requires expert aftercare, particularly following a gastric band procedure. The skills and experience from our specialist weight loss team ensure that you receive the medical care, nutritional advice and lifelong support that you need to succeed, that's why Healthier Weight patients experience better weight loss results. Our patients are not just a number, they're part of the "Healthier Weight family" and a patient for life.  
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