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Easy to Follow Meal Plans and Delicious Food

In 2003 Dr Ashton, Medical Director, searched for a healthy diet he would be happy to recommend. In the absence of such a plan, he and the team created the Weight to Go plan.

Weight to Go is a meal replacement diet designed for those with 2 stones or more to lose. Perfect for busy lives, the easy to follow plans offer the ultimate in convenience with no calorie counting or points watching and delivery direct to your door. It really takes the hassle out of dieting!

All you have to decide is which plan to follow...

Total is a complete meal replacement plan with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks provided. All you have to add is a portion of fruit and veg per day.

Flexi gives you calorie and portion control in a plan of 3 protein shakes or porridge a day with the flexibility to prepare a 600 kcal dinner of your choice.

Benefits of Weight to Go

  • Low calorie - 850-1000 kcal per day for safe, fast weight loss

  • Feel full – high in protein so you don't feel hungry or deprived

  • Simple to follow – no points watching or calorie counting

  • Delicious real food - don't feel like you're on a diet

  • Save £20 with promo code HW20 when your order over £100

Weight loss diet plans - Weight to Go Total
Weight loss diet plans - Weight to Go Flexi
The Weight to Go weekly diet plan
The Weight to Go pay monthly plan
Weight to Go Pic 'n' Mix diet meals

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