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Find out how much a gastric balloon costs

Non-surgical options include Gastric Balloon and award winning Weight to Go diet

The Gastric Balloon Weight Loss Programme

It is a new, medically proven way to reach your weight loss goals. It combines the safety and security of a non-surgical medical treatment with a 12 month support programme from the Healthier Weight team. It's a safe, discreet and effective way to break the routine of yo-yo dieting.

The Gastric Balloon is a great plan for you if...

  • You've tried and failed to lose weight on diets alone

  • You want to lose 2-3 stone
  • You don't want surgery

  • Your BMI is over 27

  • You don't want a hospital stay

Danielle lost over 4 stone with a gastric balloon

Find out how a gastric balloon works
How much weight will I lose
How much does a gastric balloon cost
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Weight to Go Diet

Our award winning, home delivered low calorie diet. Developed by our own Dr David Ashton with a team of chefs, the diet combines low calories and great tasting food. It's all in one box that we deliver to your door.

If you want to try one more diet before turning to a gastric balloon or surgical procedure, make it Weight to Go. 82% of Weight to Go customers said it was the best diet they've tried and 97% said they would recommend it to a friend.

Key features of the plan

  • Low calories per day - under 1000 calories for fast, safe weight loss

  • Healthy, balanced nutritional content – high in protein to keep you feeling full for longer

  • Simple to follow – no points watching, calorie counting or complicated recipes

  • Great tasting REAL food - delicious meals, hearty soups and fruity shakes make it easy to stay on plan

  • Save £20 with promo code HW20 when you order over £100

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