About Healthier Weight

Healthier Weight is devoted to the treatment and care of people who are overweight and obese. Our specialism in this area has enabled us to develop a comprehensive range of surgical and non-surgical services tailored to the needs of this group of patients.

The company was founded in 2003 by Dr David Ashton who, after a lifelong interest and five years intensive research, launched the company with a medically supervised weight management programme that drew on best practices from all over the world. The medical programme continues to serve patients to this day, now under the name Slim Without Surgery,and in the years since surgical programmes have been added including gastric bandgastric sleevegastric bypass and the ESG (non-surgical sleeve).

Our company has a vision and that is: ‘To develop and deliver lifelong weight loss solutions to help people manage their weight and improve their health and quality of life’

Sitting behind this vision is a philosophy that is captured in the bullet points below:

  • Obesity should be regarded primarily as a health issue
  • Managing one’s weight in today’s environment is a skill to be learned, and it can be learned,
  • Everyone has the capacity to change
  • We will base our decision making on the best available data (we don’t follow fads, We follow the data)

Although written over 15 years ago, they still apply today.

In 2003 we had one clinic in Edgbaston and this is still the location of our Head Office. We have added clinics all over the country since then and now see patients in London, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Belfast, Cardiff, Southampton, Maidstone, Nottingham and elsewhere. Our network continues to grow, and we expect to add more locations so wherever patients are in the country they are close to a Healthier Weight centre. We are proud to work with many of the country’s leading bariatric (weight loss) surgeons, including Mr Rishi Singhal, Mr Jamie Kelly, Professor Franco Favretti, Professor Siba Senapati, Mr Jambulingham and Mr Jez Hayden, to mention just a few.

We pride ourselves on our outcomes and are unique among UK providers insofar as we publish our data. This is part of our heritage. As well as advancing understanding about bariatrics as a whole it is a source of reassurance for patients that we hold our outcomes up to independent scrutiny. Our latest publication was on gastric band outcomes, across 3,000+ patients, and we’ll soon publish a paper on revision weight loss surgery in the private setting, this will be the first publication of its type.

One of our founding principles is that we treat obesity as a health issue. This means that we make a tremendous commitment to patient safety. In addition to being Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered we have set up a whole series of measures that are designed to ensure our patient’s outcomes from treatment are optimised. By using this link you can read about our clinical governance, MDT and psychological screening processes, all of which are there to maximise patient safety, and to help patients get the outcomes from their surgery they are hoping for.

The company is privately owned and is debt free. As such we are free from the pressures of lenders or professional investors that can affect other organisations. You can see below some information about the company’s various registrations, and a link to our organisation structure.

Registered name: Weight to Go (WTG) Ltd
Registered address: 11 Highfield Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 3DU
Registered number: 4883839
Financial Conduct Authority Number: 733775
Care Quality Commission Number: RGP1-2312060632
VAT Registered number: 365 4711 87

The Healthier Weight Promise

Making an informed choice between different weight loss surgery providers can be difficult as many providers make similar claims, telling you only what they think you want to hear. At Healthier Weight we go much further than words. When you are deciding to have a surgical procedure, you need to trust that your provider will care about your health, your financial investment and ultimately your weight loss success in the long term.

The Healthier Weight Promise shows our commitment to…


Specialist Surgeons

All our GMC registered surgeons specialise in bariatric (weight loss) surgery and are highly skilled with experience of thousands of procedures.

Qualified People

The skills required for safe, effective treatment of weight loss patients are unique and highly specialised. That's why our medical team are permanent employees, (no temps / agency staff) with specialist training and extensive experience.

Quality Products

Our surgeons use the best equipment / devices to reduce operative complications and improve cosmetic outcome and weight loss results*.


Transparent Communication

We promise to be clear and transparent in all communications with you. We'll explain any medical terminology and ensure you understand the implications of the decision you are making.


We don't believe in sugar coating. You can expect to receive an honest, true account of what to expect before, during and after your procedure. We encourage you to speak to other patients to gain a real-life perspective.

Real People

All our case studies are real people with real stories of success. We don't manipulate their photos or exaggerate their weight loss results.


Return to Theatre Cover

If, following any surgical weight loss procedure, you have an extended stay in hospital or you need to return to theatre within 30 days, we will meet any related hospital and consultant costs.

Insolvency Cover

Over our 13 year history, many companies have gone out of business, leaving their patients without cover, the PIP scandal being the most recent. Our 5 year cover gives you peace of mind that if you do require surgery due to a complication, you're covered even if we're no longer around. No other provider offers this.

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