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About Your Consultation

We consider your surgeon consultation to be the most important step on your weight loss journey.

At the consultation, you’ll meet your surgeon and receive advice on your surgery options that are tailored to your own personal circumstances. At Healthier Weight we pride ourselves on giving the most complete consultation experience that’s available in the UK. The Trustpilot feedback we receive is that our consultations go into much more detail than those of the other providers. 

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Very thorough, friendly and explained in full detail.
- Stephanie, March 2019

Made me feel at ease and explained everything in detail.
- Julie, September 2018

What happens once you enquire with us?

meet the PCCs

Step 1 – Call with your patient coordinator

The process starts with your first telephone conversation with our Patient Care Team. Your Patient Care Coordinator will collect background information about you and will also discuss the reasons you are considering surgery. They will also talk through the pros and cons of the different procedures and then schedule your free of charge consultation with the surgeon. 

consultation pack

Step 2 – Pre consult pack

Before your consultation, you’ll receive a pack of information from us, by email or through the post at your discretion, that includes details on the procedures that are available. We’ll also include a profile on the surgeon you are meeting and the next steps to be taken if you decide to proceed.

consultation day

Step 3 – Your free surgeon consultation

We schedule your consultation for 30 minutes, but sometimes it can take a little longer than this. By the time you arrive, you’ll have had enough information to prepare a list of questions that are personal to you. We’ll make sure you fully understand the procedures and how they differ before you reach your decision, with our support, on what will be best for you.

What to expect from your weight loss consultation

The consultation will last approximately 30 minutes and will include:

  • A detailed discussion about the procedure(s) you are considering. 
  • Discussion of your weight loss history and reasons for considering a procedure
  • Discussion of your medical history including any current medical conditions and medication you are taking 
  • Short medical assessment

To find out more of what to expect from your weight loss consultation, watch the short video here.

Reasons to choose a Healthier Weight Consultation

There are many reasons why patients choose a Healthier Weight consultation in preference to other providers. From your very first telephone conversation with us, you’ll hear a difference in technical knowledge and expertise of the person you speak to. This continues throughout the process. Here are the top 3 reasons to choose Healthier Weight for your consultation:

Meet the surgeon who will do your procedure

You’ll meet the bariatric surgeon who will do your procedure. You won’t have to work your way through a series of non-clinical sales staff. Instead, you’ll meet the expert, the surgeon who would do your procedure

We schedule consultations for 30 minutes, so you’ll have time to cover all the points you want to address.

You will be more informed about your procedure

You’ll be better informed than before your consultation. We talk through the procedures with you on the telephone and send you detailed information in advance so you are fully informed and can focus on getting answers to the questions that are personal to you.

We provide your surgeon with the background information you provided on the call so that he/she has the full picture and ‘knows you’ before you arrive.

We can offer a consultation in the next 7 days.

We guarantee to offer you a consultation appointment with a surgeon within 7 days of your enquiry*.

If you are ready to explore the life-changing weight loss surgery call our team today on 0333 272 1548 or click below to book a free consultation.

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I enjoyed my consultation. I felt reassured and at ease. A difficult topic, as it is understandably anxiety inducing - but handled so well by the consultant, I left laughing.
- Ellen, January 2019

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits differ for each individual. Results cannot be guaranteed

  *This appointment may not be in your first choice location.

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits vary and are different for each individual. As such, Healthier Weight cannot guarantee specific weight loss goals.