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Reasons not to delay weight loss surgery

NHS requires obese patients to justify why they should have weight loss surgery
NHS requires obese patients to justify why they should have weight loss surgery

We appreciate that choosing to undergo weight loss surgery is a big decision. We’re specialists in supporting weight loss patients so over the years we’ve heard all of the reasons people choose to delay and we’ve shown some of the more common ones below.  

One thing we’ve learned is that most people tell us they wish they had come in sooner, and nobody tells us that they wish they had delayed. After all, what is there to lose from getting all the information you need to reach the best decision for you?

Our experienced team will treat you as an individual and help you understand your options and the pros and cons of each. Call us today and be seen by a surgeon within 7 days – guaranteed!

"I feel a failure"

This is a feeling that many of our patients express to us. We see it in quite the opposite way. More than half of the UK adult population is overweight and about 30% are classified as obese. This is nothing to feel a failure about. Modern life makes it hard for us to manage our weight. Instead we see weight loss surgery as a person taking responsibility for themselves, and it’s something to be applauded. It’s often a symptom of the negative attitudes obese people face in modern society that cause these feelings. At Healthier Weight we’ll treat you with respect and as an individual.

"It feels like cheating"

This is something we hear a lot. It's not cheating at all. Managing our weight under the pressure of modern life is difficult. People have very busy lives and are often eating at unhelpful times of day. When you choose to have weight loss surgery you are investing in a tool (the procedure you choose) that will help you manage your weight in a way that you can’t without it. Its no different to using a car to get from A to B. You could walk it but it’s much quicker to go by car.

"I’m waiting for the NHS to offer it"

Take a look at our Band Butler Blogon this subject. The sad fact is that only 5,000 NHS procedures are done every year, and that paltry number could fall still further. The chances are that if you want weight loss surgery you’ll need to pay for it. If you want it within the next two years that’s almost guaranteed.

"I’ll try another diet"

It’s natural to try diets and other methods before you choose surgery. In fact its important you have tried different methods to lose weight. The sad fact however is that diets do not deliver long term weight loss to obese patients. Most people can lose weight for a short period of time only to see the weight go back on, often plus some more, when you come off the diet. So, yes, do try diets but there comes a point when you have to accept dieting alone is not the answer. Weight loss surgery makes it much easier to change to a healthy diet for the long term.

"I can’t afford it"             

This is probably the most frustrating reason to delay. You have researched the surgery and are ready to go ahead but money is holding you back. Our procedures offer good value for money and ensure that you’ll receive the long term follow up that is needed for success. We’ve also introduced finance and payment plans tailored to suit the needs of our patients. You can read about those options here.


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