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Acid Reflux Surgery Comparison

The Nissen procedure is a technically complex acid reflux treatment. It requires a major alteration to the anatomy of the stomach and has variable success rates. It tends therefore to be reserved for patients who have reached the point where there is really no other alternative.

The LINX™ System fulfils a treatment gap between those whose acid reflux symptoms are not well controlled on drug treatment, but not severe enough to warrant a Nissen procedure which is not only complex, but is also irreversible.

The gastric bypass, although primarily a weight loss procedure, has significant benefits for acid reflux sufferers. If in addition to an anti-reflux treatment you are also looking for a long term weight loss solution, a gastric bypass could be a good solution.

The following table shows some of the main differences between the procedures:

   Fundoplication LINX
Acid reflux symptom resolution 90%+
Speed of recovery
1-2 weeks
2-3 days
2 weeks
Return to normal diet
4 weeks
 4 weeks
Long term outcomes  Known  Unknown  Known
Gas bloating
 Often  No
MRI scan after surgery
 Yes  Limited  Yes
Will it need to be redone?
In about 10% cases
 No  No
Large Barrett's segment
 Yes  No  Yes
Hiatus hernia
 Yes  Yes  Yes
 Reversibility  With difficulty
 Yes  Yes

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