Andi's Story

Andi found himself struggling with day-to-day life. After gaining weight slowly over the years, he was nearing 40 stone and in desperate need of a solution. 

In October 2022 Andi had life-saving weight loss surgery. 

Weight controlled Andi's life for the past 5 years. Until he had the courage to make a life-long change with bariatric surgery.

The devoted husband & dad who weighs over 30 stone has embarked on his journey to battling obesity, losing weight and regaining control over his life.

Andi, 47, from Goole, who has allowed the camera’s in to follow his journey with weight loss surgery, feels “unhealthy, embarrassed and self-conscious”. His weight stops him from joining in on family memories, leaving Diane his wife to “feel awful” about leaving him behind. 

 A true testament to his kind heart and caring personality it was Andi’s boss who saw the problems that the weight was causing Andi and offered to pay for his life-saving weight loss surgery.

On October 8th Andi, supported by his wife, made the journey to Birmingham for the all-important bariatric surgery. 

We followed Andi, who has confessed that the surgery is his last chance at beating obesity, on the day of his surgery to join him on his journey to a healthier weight. 


The reason I want the surgery ultimately is to not die. I think anything else after that, from a health point of view, is a bonus. This is the only solution I’ve got left.

Weight loss surgery at a BMI of 72

The risk of weight loss surgery for most patients is minimal. All procedures are laparoscopic (key-hole) surgery so they are minimally invasive. However, patients with a higher BMI will have a greater risk factor than those with lower BMI’s around the  30-40 range. 

Weighing 199kg and with a BMI of over 72 Andi cases was carefully assessed by our MDT and required an individually tailored pre-op plan to ensure he was ready for the surgery. This included 

  • Referral to our respiratory consultant (Dr Wharton)
  • Referral to our diabetologist (Dr Baskar),
  • Anaesthetist consultation
  • Referral to our cardiologist (Dr Echo) and a Stress ECHO (DSE)
gastric sleeve weight loss surgery

Andi’s surgery took place at The Priory in Birmingham, Edgbaston. Lead by renowned bariatric surgeon Professor Rishi Singhal. He was given the most powerful weight loss surgery, the gastric bypass

Patients who have the bypass surgery lose on average 60-80% of their excess BMI. The bypass works by attaching the intestine to a small pouch in the stomach, reducing the amount patients need to eat before feeling full.


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