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Eating Slower Helps You Lose Weight!

Eating Slower Helps You lose Weight
Eating Slower Helps You lose Weight

I read an article in the Times yesterday, it made the front page event, an article about research completed in Japan, at the Kyushu University, showing that people who eat slower are thinner.   

The research showed that people who eat slowly are 42% less likely to be overweight or obese. Furthermore, those who ate at what was defined as a normal pace are 29% less likely to be overweight or obese. This is important as it helps to explain how the gastric band helps patients lose weight. The band helps you lose weight by reducing the pace at which you can eat when you eat foods of the right texture.

The study showed that people need to chew their food more thoroughly and wait between ‘mouthfuls’ (I prefer to talk about morsels than mouthfuls). 

Of course, with people leading such busy lives these days, either due to childcare, multiple jobs, caring for friends/relatives, etc its hard to eat slowly when you are always ‘on the go’, but the consequence of grabbing snacks and eating them quickly is that you are likely to gain weight. 

The weight gain occurs because you are eating too quickly to recognise the signals that are going from your gut to your brain to say that you have eaten enough. As a result, people are inclined to keep on eating until they are full. 

A lot of the Healthier Weight gastric band program is focused on helping patients eat more slowly. They use innovative techniques like giving patients egg timers to slow down their eating as part of this. 

When you plan for your gastric band procedure remember to plan some time for your meals. You’ll do better – its official!  

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