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Want a consultation before the new year?

Christmas table
Christmas table

It’s a scary thought that next month is January 2019! Of course, there is lots of fun to be had before then but in one month we’ll all be trying to get over the excesses of holiday meals and many of us will be contemplating whether 2019 is the year to get our weight under control.

Some people will decide that the weight loss surgery they need cannot be delayed any longer and 2019 is the time to do this. 

If that applies to you, it’s helpful to know the process that we follow before booking a procedure for you.

  • Conversation with our Patient Care Team – On this call, we’ll take your medical history and explore your reasons for wanting surgery and will explain what it takes to be successful. We’ll provide information on all of the procedures that are relevant to you and explain the pros and cons. You’ll build a relationship with your Patient Care Coordinator and they will be your contact person throughout your pre-operative journey.
  • Face to Face surgeon consultation – This appointment is when our surgeon will discuss your medical history and the surgical options available to you. The surgeon will point out the pros and cons of each procedure and will explain the implications of the procedure for you personally. It's also a great time to get your questions answered.
  • Hospital pre-assessment appointment – At this appointment, we complete pre-operative screening. Its usually a short appointment and we follow it up with a  call from the Healthier Weight nursing team to make sure you are ready to go ahead and have all of the practical information you need ahead of your hospital visit/stay.
  • Internal review – We call this MDT (multi-disciplinary team) review. It involves our reviewing your case internally to confirm your eligibility. This is a good practice to ensure you are ready to proceed. 
  • Surgery – You’ll be shown to your private room and there you’ll meet the anaesthetist and the surgeon before your surgery.  


January is a great time of year to start your weight loss journey and most patients can expect to be a long way towards their target weight by the summer. In order to be ready for surgery in January, you’ll need to have your surgeon consultation in December or early in January.

If you are thinking about surgery in January contact us now to book your free, no-obligation consultation before Christmas.

Book a free consultation before New Year

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