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Improve your quality of life with a weight loss procedure

Improve your quality of life with a weight loss procedure
Improve your quality of life with a weight loss procedure

We read a lot about the benefit weight loss surgery provides to people who are suffering with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D). This is for good reason; because most patients who have T2D will see a complete resolution of their condition after surgery. Success rates can be as high as 90%.

We often get distracted by the T2D benefits though and forget the other health benefits. Most importantly, you can expect to live longer after weight loss surgery, whether you are diabetic or not. In addition, the risk of serious heart disease and some cancers reduces too. Some studies show that the risk of death from heart disease drops by more than 50% after weight loss surgery. I won’t bore you with the full list of health benefits here, but my point is that there are lots.

The benefits that are most overlooked though are the psychological and quality of life benefits. These include physical functions such as mobility, self-esteem, work, social interactions, and sexual function. Interestingly, those who want to find a partner are more likely to do so (‘singlehood’ is significantly reduced) and unemployment and disability are reduced. Furthermore, depression and anxiety are significantly reduced after weight loss surgery.

My experience in clinic is that a large proportion of people have surgery because they are just fed up with the impact their weight is having on their happiness. They will find ‘health’ reasons to justify the procedure to themselves but really they are just fed up with fighting their weight every day and they want to find a way to a body weight they are happy with. This alone is reason enough to explore weight loss options. Nobody can have missed the increased focus on mental health and the impact it is having on peoples’ lives. It has been in the news and Princes William and Harry have been campaigning on the subject. Being motivated to have weight loss surgery because you want to improve your sense of well being and quality of life is enough. 

If your weight is getting you down, take the next step. Maybe you can’t get into last year’s clothes, maybe you can’t bear to look at yourself in the mirror, maybe your partner or friends are not as sympathetic about your weight as they could be. If this applies to you, call our team today or email us.

Our team is trained to help people just like you. 

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