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Weight Loss Injections and Pregnancy

Weight loss injections and pregnancy
Weight loss injections and pregnancy

I’m a great fan of the new weight loss drugs that are available and I’m sure we’ll see new and improved treatments in the years ahead. I do worry though that people are taking weight loss injections without fully understanding the implications.

These hormone injections for weight loss have been in the news a lot lately and were featured in a very good BBC programme. The problem is that it can lead to people thinking they deliver more than they can.

The weight loss injections available today will help you lose about 10% of your starting weight in a year. You might lose more or you might lose less.

We must remember they are drugs though and like any drug, there are some people who shouldn’t take them and there are side effects.

I worry that some people are taking these injections when they shouldn’t be. If you are in one of the following 3 groups you should not start taking this drug:

  1. You are or you are trying to get pregnant
  2. You have a BMI below 30 
  3. You have a history of kidney or liver disease

Are the people using these jabs fully aware of the risks if they are not properly screened? Some of the stories I hear make me worry they are not.

If you are using a weight loss jab or injection and want to know whether you are at risk, you should contact a specialist provider who use specialist doctors to screen their patients. The drug is probably safe but its best to be sure.

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