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Gastric band revision and removal surgery

Gastric band revisional surgery
If, following gastric band surgery, you have not achieved the weight loss you were hoping for or have experienced a complication, you may require revisional surgery to fix, reposition or remove your band. Your options include:

  • Gastric band revision due to a diagnosed band complication: You have been diagnosed with a complication with your band, e.g. band slippage, leaking tubing or such. Read more

  • Gastric band removal and revision to another procedure: You no longer want to work with a gastric band and would prefer another procedure eg gastric bypass or sleeve. Read more

  • Gastric band removal by choice (no complication): You are tired of working with your band and want to have it removed as a personal choice. Read more

Revisional surgery is more complex than primary surgery. The main reason is that the anatomy will have been disturbed by the primary procedure and adhesions (scar tissue) will have formed in the abdomen and around the stomach. Often these adhesions need to be delicately dissected in order to complete the revisional procedure. It requires a greater degree of expertise and specialism than primary surgery.

For this reason, at Healthier Weight we focus our revision surgery on surgeons who have done high volumes of cases both privately and in the NHS. The safety benefit to the patient of choosing practices and surgeons who are experienced in revisions is clear in the published data.

Mr Rishi Singhal, Consultant Surgeon and Medical Director at Healthier Weight, is a specialist in revisional weight loss surgery and recently published a paper on a series of 50 band to bypass procedures. Mr Singhal attends our weekly Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) meeting at which every revisional surgery procedure we undertake is discussed. The MDT process is designed to ensure that cases are thoroughly reviewed and discussed pre-operatively in order to ensure high safety standards and good outcomes. 

Will my revision surgery be covered under warranty?

If you're a Healthier Weight patient, it is likely that your original gastric band surgery is covered by our surgical warranty. If you're experiencing a recognised complication within your warranty term, the cost of the revision will be covered.

If your gastric band operation was with a provider that doesn't offer a surgical warranty, we can help. Our specialist team will assess your symptoms, X-Ray your band and discuss your options. Choose a revisional procedure with Healthier Weight and benefit from our expertise and specialist knowledge as we get you on the road to weight loss success.

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits differ for each individual. Results cannot be guaranteed
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Gastric band removal due to a complication

Important: If you have a gastric band and you are experiencing abdominal pain, difficulty swallowing, severe acid reflux or redness/soreness above the access port you should seek urgent medical attention.

A gastric band is designed to stay in for life but if you have already been diagnosed with a complication and your band has not been removed as an emergency procedure, you have the following options:

  • Removal of your band
    In some circumstances, the only safe option is to remove the band altogether and to allow the stomach to settle/recover. After a period of time it may be possible to consider a replacement band or an alternative procedure. As an example, patients diagnosed with a post operative infection at the site of the band would normally fall into this category.

  • Removal of your band and revision to another procedure
    Usually the revision will be to a gastric bypass or a gastric sleeve. Both can be good options and both are used in the NHS. In general, it is our preference to revise bands to bypass procedures. Although the risk of complication is similar for both band to bypass and band to sleeve conversions, we feel the bypass complication is generally easier to manage. See next section for more details

  • Removal of your gastric band and replacement with a new band
    These procedures are rare but can occur when your band has slipped and cannot be repositioned or when you have a leak from the band itself or from the tubing attached to the band.

  • Gastric band repositioning
    This is a less common procedure but can be a neat solution for a patient with a slipped band. This procedure is only done by the most experienced band surgeons, such as Professor Favretti. The benefit is that it avoids the need to replace the entire band.

  • Access port repositioning/replacement
    The most common complications with gastric bands relate to the access port that sits below the skin. This is where the band is filled and so where a leak is most likely to occur. We can diagnose a band leak through a series of volume checks, this is the best way as leaks at the port site can rarely be seen on x ray. The access port can be replaced in a simple 20 minute, day case procedure.

The other problem that can occur at the access port is that it can flip. Usually it is possible to access the port under x ray but sometimes the port will flip over completely so that it’s impossible to fill the band. In these cases a very simple procedure of about 15 minutes is needed to flip the port back the right way and suture (stitch) it into its new position.

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Gastric band conversion

Gastric band removal and revision to another procedure

Whenever we do a band procedure we do so in the knowledge that the band may need to be removed at some point in the future. Indeed, one of the attractions of the band is that it is a reversible procedure.

Some patients reach a point with their band at which they want to have it removed and replaced by another procedure, usually a gastric bypass or a gastric sleeve. This option is often chosen when a patient has enjoyed some weight loss success with the band but perhaps the weight is returning. Over time the small stomach ‘pouch’ above the band can stretch and when this occurs weight can be regained. It’s rare to feel the same restriction in the future after this stretching has happened.

If you are gaining weight with your band and want it to be revised to another procedure, the gastric bypassor gastric sleeveor generally the best option. There are pros and cons of each but we tend to favour the gastric bypass as we have more history with the procedure and therefore more longer term weight loss results to draw from. We also believe that, generally speaking, the complications that can arise from revision to bypass are more easily and predictably managed than those with the sleeve.

There are of course pros and cons to both options and your consultant will take you through them in detail. It is important to note that:

  • Revisional surgery always carries more risk than primary surgery. Patients must accept that there is a higher risk of complication and a return to theatre or extended stay with this type of surgery.

  • Usually patients will be listed to have their band removed and the new procedure done at the same time. This is, however, not always possible as the state of the stomach cannot be accurately predicted pre-operatively. On rare occasions, the operating surgeon may decide that the safest approach is to remove the band first and do the revision surgery at a later date.

  • If you do experience a complication with your revision surgery, your surgeon may decide that the only way to be sure you will receive the close attention needed is to transfer you to your local NHS hospital. This decision will be at the discretion of the operating surgeon. Again this is extremely rare, but it is a possibility.


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To discuss your options or book a free consultation, make an online enquiry or call 0800 313 4618

Gastric band removal by choice

In a very small number of cases, patients decide that they simply no longer wish to work with their gastric band, and that they want it removed. There are many reasons why you might be considering this, you may be tired of sticking to the diet and eating behavioural regime that is needed for success with a band, or perhaps you simply don't want the band inside you any longer (read more on band removal). If, however, you are looking to have your band removed because you are suffering with reflux, it's worth noting that this can be resolved. Reflux is usually caused by the band being too tight or because the diet guidance is not being followed.

Before deciding to have your band removed by choice, it’s often a good idea to consider one last effort to make it work. It can be helpful to arrange a one to one consultation with a specialist consultant or nurse to look again at your diet regime and see whether there are some small changes you can make together to help you work with the band. It’s always better to avoid surgery unless it’s absolutely necessary so if there remains the chance of success, we prefer to keep the band in place and work with it rather than remove it.

If you're tired of living with your band and are considering having it removed, please call us on 0800 313 4618 to discuss your options. At consultation we will discuss whether you really are at the end of the line and if you still wish to have your band removed, we can arrange it for you.

To discuss your options or book a free consultation, make an online enquiry or call 0800 313 4618


Please note: If you have a gastric bypass and think you may require revisional surgery, go to bypass revision via endoscopy 

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