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Gastric band
Rishi Singhal

Will I have excess skin?

Reading Time: 2 minutes We get asked this question by a lot of people before they decide to go ahead with weight loss surgery. We always remind people that excess skin is a small issue when compared to the health risks and life limiting implications of obesity. It’s certainly the lesser of two evils but it’s understandable that people don’t want to trade one problem for another.   The truth

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Treating the Obesity Disease

Reading Time: 2 minutes Every week we meet new people in clinic who are embarrassed or ashamed about their weight. Very often this can be traced back to the

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Is Obesity Causing Your Reflux

Reading Time: 1 minute There is a good chance it is. Of course, there are people who have reflux due to a weak lower oesophageal sphincter rather than their

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Depression and Weight Loss Surgery

Reading Time: 2 minutes A recent survey of enquirers to our clinic showed that about half were experiencing some form of depression or anxiety. Often these patients want to

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Weight Loss Surgery and Joint Pain

Reading Time: 1 minute It seems that so much attention is focused on the effect of obesity on diabetes and cancer that joint pain is often overlooked. This shouldn’t

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Patient Diary

My gastric sleeve diary – Week 8

Reading Time: 1 minute Weight Loss: 64.2 lbsCurrent Weight: 405.6 lbs After another week with her gastric sleeve, Natasha experiences her first checkup and loses another 5lbs.

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ECAL Metabolic Test
General obesity

Do you need an ECAL Test ?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are you one of those people who simply can’t lose weight no matter how hard you try or perhaps you are confused by why it

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