50 years of hurt: what can we learn from Euro 2020?

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Could this be England’s year? For many, this Sunday will be the first time they have seen their country in the final of a major competition in their lifetime. It would have taken a brave soul to have predicted this after so many years of “oh so nears” and that famous defeat to Iceland in 2016. But finally, England has another golden generation who have set Euro 2020 alight. Grab your waistcoats – IT’S COMING HOME!

It’s now been 55 years since England last won a major tournament, since then, there’s been nothing but pain, underachievement and dispair. We can all learn something from this England team and that is to never give up! Whatever you’re going through in life, things will get better if you take the steps to make something happen.

Hard work, dedication and pure motivation makes you who you are and who you will become

Harry Kane

To play football on the biggest stage takes an unbelievable amount of hard work and dedication, and the same can be said for losing weight. It’s never too late to begin your weight loss journey. We’ve seen it so many times – people tell us that they have suffered for years because they didn’t believe they could change themselves – but they can, and they did!

Martine’s weight had been holding her back for years, and only 2 years after her life-changing procedure, she was able to lose more than 16 stone (and keep it off).

“I waited 10 years before having it done, and I really wish I hadn’t. I wish I hadn’t wasted the last ten years!

“My husband said to me, ‘what did I want out of this?’ And I used to ride horses as a child, I am horse mad. I said, ‘I want to start horse-riding again.’ And at 32 stone which is what I was at my pre-op, there was no way I was ever going to get on a horse. But, as of February a year later, I started horse-riding again!”

We have witnessed so many people achieve things that they never thought possible, some have been able to start a family, others have followed a dream career and we’ve even seen a patient become a wrestler! Not many people believed seeing England in the final of a major tournament was possible, but there they are, at the absolute pinnacle of world football, with the hopes of a bruised nation beneath them.

Start your own success story

It’s time to go out and achieve something you never thought you could, and we are here and ready to help you reach your goals. With Healthier Weight, you are not just a patient, you are a patient for life. We love to hear how you’re getting on whether you are 1 day, month year or decade into your journey. We’ve already lost over 700 stone in 2021, and we’ve only just kicked off the second half!

Weight loss surgery has enabled Healthier Weight patients to live a life they never thought they could. These are just a few of the inspiring achievements that have come in recent years, you can read more amazing success stories here.

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