7 tips to improve fertility

7 tips to improve fertility

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A common reason people approach Healthier Weight to lose weight is because they wish to start a family. A lot of the time they are just looking to be a fitter and healthier parent, to be a better role model for their children or to simply make sure they are still around to watch them grow up. Sometimes it’s because they are having trouble getting pregnant, due in part to their weight. This is a serious issue and there are many factors involved, so anyone experiencing problems should seek the help and guidance of their GP. In the meantime, take a look at our infographic below for some good tips to help things go the right way.

7 top tips to improve fertility
1. Stop smoking and cut out alcohol
2. Get your timings right
3. Control your diet
4. Keep cool... literally
5. Keep your cool... mentally
6. Stay active and exercise
7. Be a healthy weight

1 in 8 people experience struggle with getting pregnant, for many different reasons. So, although you might feel alone during your pregnancy journey, there are hundreds of other couples going through the same troubles, and there’s many groups and online forums you can go to for support.

Most people will keep their struggles to them selves and private as it is a touchy subject, but if you are brave enough to break the silence and speak up, there’s a good chance someone you know is going through has also experienced a similar thing.

Don’t cope with it alone, you and your partner should be a team, speak to each other. Share your fears with each other, including the scary ones, like worries that your partner will leave you because you’re infertile. Lean on each other during this time and it will make you closer and stronger.

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