2 Months Revision Surgery Post-Op with Vicki Mooney

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Now 2 months post op from her gastric bypass revision surgery Vicki is sharing her first hand account of how she got on these past few weeks.


"This week I'm 7 weeks post op and I'm very grateful"

Seven weeks ago I very nervously stepped into the theatre in the Priory hospital. Excited as this was the treatment I needed to improve my quality of life, nervous because I am aware there are risks with surgery.

Thus far, I can say it’s been the best decision I have made in a long time!


In a short 7 weeks I have watched the scales drop down by 16kg/35lbs. I can see my collar bones finally again! I don’t need to adjust the car seat when I sit in it after my partner has been driving! I feel satisfied after a small meal and have normal bowel movements for the first time in a decade! I know these aren’t very big things to many, but for me these are the milestones I’ve looked forward to.

The pandemic really changed my work life and I went from travelling and moving around to sitting at my home desk for 10 hours a day. Naturally my weight also increased and each time I looked in the mirror I disliked what I seen more and more. My back constantly ached from carrying so much weight which brought me down.

Depression and anxiety have always been a part of my life, however, regaining weight was just an extra layer of unhappiness I didn’t need. However, this surgery has given me the tools to improve my health and quality of life. Is it all plain sailing? Absolutely not!


The initial 2 weeks I was on a strict liquid diet.

Initially I thought this would be difficult but I found it much easier than I expected. I discussed options with Heather, my dietician from Healthier Weight and found myself making homemade roasted tomato, red pepper and bacon Soup in the slow cooker.

Vanilla Ice Cream flavoured Protein shakes were my favourite with Ice, skimmed milk and some chopped banana in the nutri bullet. Bovril, tea, coffee, LOTS OF WATER! With sugar free cordial too and high protein yogurt drinks kept me going, and also satisfied.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have the dreaded ‘Head hunger’. Mentally I missed looking at food on my plate and chewing food, but I was reassured by the nurse that the puree stage would make this easier.

Physically my body and scars healed quickly. I was lucky as I didn’t have too much discomfort around my stomach area and felt back to my mobile self pretty quickly, although I was conscious not to over do anything.

Vicki's Top Dishes



I moved easily into the pureed stage and went to bed planning my next day meals, excited to actually chew something.

I found some great recipes, shakshuka eggs quickly began a favourite! Mashed fruit and protein yoghurt, mashed veg and chicken, soft-baked potato with chicken – again mashed!

I did have an incident whereby I didn’t mash or chew the chicken enough. I instantly felt as if something was lodged and not moving. Unfortunately soon after I vomited, but quickly made a mental note to mash/puree my food so it doesn’t happen again.

Adding these in along with my protein banana shake daily I was easily reaching 80 grams of protein daily. Keeping my Carbohydrates under 80grams and calories approx 700/800. Best part? I was satisfied and had no head hunger or cravings! If I did feel peckish a laughing cow light cheese triangle on 1 Ryvita crackerbread was my go-to.



I began on more solid foods IE. Less mashing and pureeing. Effectively this meant having a small plate or bowl for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Conscious of the need for my protein I’ve stuck with my daily shake (plus it’s delicious! Like a milkshake!)

Breakfast now I can have chopped strawberry, a couple of blueberries, a few slices of banana and a protein yogurt. Scrambled eggs with 2 tablespoons of beans is another favourite.

Lunch and dinner options vary from a baby salad with chicken and balsamic vinegar to some white fish or even homemade tomato, red pepper and bacon Soup. A small baked potato with some chicken and a sprinkle of cheese or turkey chilli has gone down really well too. I’ve deliberately avoided trying bread as I know it’s carbohydrates I don’t need and a habit I want to change.

Oddly enough, I discovered I can’t eat a boiled egg, no matter how much I chew it I don’t seem to digest it, however, I can eat scrambled or shakshuka eggs so I think in time that will improve.

I’ve ventured out and dined out with my family and friends. As I’ve been through this surgery before I had no embarrassment asking for small portions and the waiters are always quite helpful. Though I find when I eat out, I can eat even less of a portion size than I can at home! Odd, but once I’m getting my protein and nutrients in I’m happy.


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