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Alternate Advent Calendars This Christmas

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healthy advent calendars

Enjoy the Christmas countdown without sabotaging your weight loss journey

Christmas time is full of temptations. While a small chocolate treat every morning might not be breaking the scales, there are advent alternatives that won’t break your healthy habits!

Beauty Advent Calendars

Beauty advent calendars have grown in popularity over the years. With almost every brand, high street & designer releasing their own 25 day calendars each year. 

Every door containing a beauty product you’re bound to either love or hate and re gift (don’t worry we won’t tell if you don’t). The great thing about beauty advent calendars is unlike edible ones, the treat you receive will last much longer than one day!

Tea Advent Calendars

Tea, especially green tea, has a number of health benefits and as a nation of tea lovers so it only seems natural that tea advent calendars exists.

These advent calendars are ideal for tea fans who are too scared to buy a full box of exotic flavoured tea. Why not try something new every day for December? With these advent calendars you can taste so many flavours of tea that by new year you might be a green to convert!

Coffee Advent Calendars

I’m sure I speak on behalf of most people reading this now when I say there’s nothing like a good cup of coffee to kick start the day. Especially in these wet and windy mornings. 

Like the Tea advent calendars, a coffee advent calendar gives us all the perfect opportunity to experience new blends.

Protein Advent Calendars

Our regular Healthier Weight readers will already know the importance of protein in diets. What better way to fit in your protein than starting your day with a high protein snack?

Although you might not find these calendars in the supermarkets, a quick google search will bring up a plethora of protein advent calendars.  

Gardening Advent Calendars

Yes, winter may not be the ideal time to turn your hand to gardening but, there are a number of gardening-esc Christmas calendars you can get to get practising for summer. 

From different flower seeds to growing your own fresh fruit and veg, if you want to keep yourself busy this winter, a gardening calendar could be for you.

Crafts Advent Calendars

If you’re a bit of a arty person a craft advent calendar might just be up your street. 

Not only will you have a new little craft project to occupy yourself with, you might be able to make a few nifty Christmas gifts for people!

Smelly Advent Calendars

A personal favourite of mine, any advent calendar with some sort of candle or wax melt gets a thumbs up from me. There’s nothing better than lighting a new scented candle on a dark winters evening.  


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