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All you need to know about: Vitamins

Once you’ve had your surgery, your new life begins with numerous factors to consider which you may not have had to think about before. Your physical health is of a new priority which is vital for a happier life. One important factor that we must begin to consider after bariatric surgery is the vitamins you take.

What is a vitamin?  

A vitamin is an organic compound that people take within small quantities, ensuring your body is getting the correct substances within your system, allowing the body to develop and function efficiently.

Why is it so important for bariatric patients?

It’s especially important for a Bariatric Patient, due to the new portion sizes and function of your body. After surgery, your digestive system changes therefore limiting the amount of nutrients your body can absorb, regardless of how healthy the diet is you’re following.

Bariatric surgery alters the anatomy of your digestive system, shifting the way your body absorbs nutrients. Additionally, eating smaller portion sizes, means absorbing the correct number of vitamins and minerals is even harder. Therefore, it’s possible your body isn’t getting the right nutrients from food alone, meaning there’s a higher risk of deficiency. By taking the correct vitamins, you are helping your body compensate for the loss of nutrients through your daily diet as well as helping to combat any infections post-surgery.

What should you be taking?

So with so many options out there, which supplements should you be taking as a bariatric patient?

Vitamin B12:

Vitamin B12 mainly focuses on your body’s blood and nerve cells. This is vital within the human body to make DNA alongside the genetic material within your cells. DNA is the hereditary material within your body therefore it’s vital that this is functioning correctly.

To do this, Vitamin B12 needs both hydrochloric acid and protein to be absorbed. However, after surgery, both are reduced. By taking B12 you can fulfil this need, allowing it to continue to pass through your body into the intestines.

Calcium with Vitamin D:

Calcium plays a big part in your muscle contractions by diffusing two elements, called Cytoplasm and Myosin, that sit within a cell. This helps them slide into each other, triggering the muscle fibres. Overall helping your posture, joint stability, and heat production, allowing your body to function efficiently. Additionally, Vitamin D helps your body give the correct minerals to your bones, keeping healthy levels of Phosphate in the blood.

Iron with vitamin C:

Iron is vital for Weight Loss Surgery patients as iron deficiency is extremely common. This is because the Gastric Sleeve and Bypass both decrease the levels of Hydrochloric Acid in your stomach, giving the body less time to absorb the Iron. Therefore, it’s important iron tablets are taken, so they can play the role in benefitting your bones, hair and skin as well as making Haemoglobin within your red blood cells, which transports Oxygen around your entire body.


Zinc is extremely helpful for your immune system and metabolism. This is incredibly important for bariatric patients as your metabolism controls how fast you burn calories, effecting your fat storage.

Folic Acid:

Folic acid majorly contributes to the production of proteins, which is one of the most important factors to consider as a bariatric patient. Furthermore, Folic acid helps cell reproduction and red cell formation which is vital for your everyday bodily functions.


Deficiency in Thiamine is common for patients, especially within the first 3 months. This is because bariatric surgery results in restriction to your energy intake, therefore limiting the body’s intake of Thiamine. This has a series of knock-on effects involving your metabolism and the delivery of oxygen to red blood cells. This can have lots of side effects including rapid weight loss, prolonged nausea, and vomiting.


Finally, a multivitamin helps prevent your overall nutritional deficiencies. This is important as it helps ensure that you’re filling all the nutritional gaps that may still be lacking after taking previous vitamins. A lot of multivitamins contain many of the named vitamins and minerals above, so be sure to check before you buy or reach out to us here at Healthier Weight if you are ever unsure.

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