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Wounds and Scarring

Weight loss surgery helps masses across the globe to live the life they have only imagined for so long. The surgery process is complicated and takes multiple experienced surgeons to complete. Throughout the surgery, small incisions are made, where wounds are then sealed together with stitches, staples, or glue. As a result of this, small scars are visible within the first few months post-surgery before significantly fading.

So, let’s talk more about how to take care of these wounds…

How long do wounds take to heal?

Depending on how your surgeon found it best appropriate to seal your incisions, stitches or glue will have been used. If you have had glue, it tends to peel off within the first 5-10 days without any picking. If you have had stitches, they will dissolve themselves within 7-14 days. Both of these need no extra care from the hospital so you can simply adjust to your new body in the comfort of your own home.

How you can help the healing of wounds…

There are multiple things to help your wounds heal, here’s what we at Healthier Weight suggest you do:

Keep the wounds moist:

A moist environment has been proven to be the most ideal to facilitate the healing of wounds. This is because it prevents dehydration and enhances what’s called angiogenesis and collagen synthesis (NCBI).

Get antibiotics if infected:

It’s vital that, if there is any sign of infection, you get antibiotics as soon as possible. Antibiotics work by killing the bacteria and preventing them from spreading (NHS).

Washing your hands:

When taking care of your wounds, it is important you keep your hands clean against the open wound. This will help reduce the chances of bacteria spreading and causing infection.


Scarring is a natural part of the body’s reaction to wounds healing. However, it is a common response for patients to want to find ways to reduce the prominence of these scars across the skin. The rate of healing varies between patient to patient however, for everyone, these wounds will heal over time only leaving you with small scars.

How to reduce scarring

Drinking water

By drinking water, the chances of scars fading significantly improves. This is because a hydrated area is an optimal environment for healing. The reason for this is that newly formed scars tend to be immature, allowing a lot of water to be evaporated by the skin.

Moisturise to promote healing

This is extremely helpful as scars can often become itchy when dry. Therefore, by keeping the skin moisturised it will help improve the appearance of scars. For example, making the skin look softer or smoother.

Consuming protein

Not only is protein important for your diet, but it is also important for your recovery of tissue. This is because it majorly contributes to the process by which your body recovers. More specifically, rebuilding damaged skin, collagen, and blood vessels.


A word from our patients…

At Healthier Weight we believe it’s important for our patients to hear from others within the Bariatric community, here’s what our ‘Woman of the Year’, AmyMay had to say about her wounds and scarring post-surgery…


“The scarring is visible but minimal. The surgeons at Healthier Weight are so good at what they do and are extremely considerate of your journey, understanding how self-conscious you may already be. I have 5 port scars, no longer than 15mm in length and they healed really well and really quick post-operation. Over time, they do fade and I’m proud to say they are a part of my weight loss story. In my opinion, the scarring is only a small trade for such positive long-term benefits.”



With all this being said, it is important to embrace this part of your journey. You have had a life changing operation which is going to improve your life. Scars will fade but the quality of life and memories you have will last a lifetime. We are proud of you and are excited for you to embrace these new changes in your body which will allow you to live a full life, not a half life.

To hear more about how this surgery has helped other Bariatric Patients, click here to view our success stories. 


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