Amie’s Off-Scale Victory – Fitting Into My Dream Wedding Dress

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Before surgery, I thought I don’t want to look like this… I wanted my wedding photo’s to be something I look back and be happy. I’ve just got married and enjoyed everyone looking at me for the right reasons.


The gastric sleeve

I didn't want my daughter to think that it was okay to be overweight and unhappy.

This Christmas newly wed Amie will be celebrating Christmas with her family, 5 stone down and happier than ever. But, the journey to where she is now was a lifelong struggle.

Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a child Amie felt she was dealt a bad hand to start with. This was when he battle with weight began. 

Amie saw her weight creep up over the years. Becoming a mum and being in a happy comfortable relationship added to her weight gain. 

Although Amie put in her best efforts to lose weight nothing seemed to work. Describing how even if it worked as a short term solution, one bad meal turns into one bad week. “I couldn’t fit fad diets into my lifestyle”.

During Covid Amie had put on 2 stone and other than physically effecting her it was having a negative impact on her mental health. She found her self hiding in the back, avoiding social events and had develop a pretty extreme social anxiety. 

“I didn’t want my daughter to think this was okay”.

A changed needed to happen, Amie’s daughter was getting older and she wanted to be a good, healthy and happy role model for her. Another big motivation was her approaching wedding that had been previously rescheduled due to covid. I thought I don’t want to get married looking like this, i wanted my wedding photo’s to be something I look back and be happy.”

Thought about surgery, considered a band because it wasn’t final. Mr Singhal said the sleeve was the only option. My first consult with mr singhal was amazing, he made me feel at ease, reassured me that everything was. 

Amie before surgery

"It's more than a gastric sleeve - it's the reinvention of my whole life!"

After her surgery Amie had to learn to change her life style to make sure her Gastric Sleeve worked. She want people to know that it is definitely not the easy option or cheating weight loss, “it was hard at first, but it’s worth it”.

“I feel like a whole different person”.

Amie’s life has benefited in more ways than she imagined it would prior to her surgery. She spoke to us openly about how much her relationship with her daughter improved. 

Me and my daughter are so much closer now, because I can get involved with her, we go and get our nails done together. We work out together. She say’s “you’re such a different mummy now”, in a good way of course”

Finally she feels like she’s setting a good example for her daughter and is making sure the whole family is living a healthy and happy life. 

Another off-scale victory Amie experience is packing in the smoking. She no longer smokes or vapes. 

This Christmas will be different - This Christmas we have filled out our diary with events to attended as Mr & Mrs. In the past I never could have done due to my social anxiety.

Due to her anxiety caused by her weight Amie found social events difficult. For a long time she would avoid situations where she felt like people would be looking at her and judging her. 

But this Christmas is going to be different. “we have filled out diary with loads of events which in the past I never could have done due to my social anxiety.” Amie is over-joyed to be attending a number of parties and gathering with her friends and family, especially with her husband. 

With her new found confidence Amie’s given her wardrobe a revamp to show of her new figure. “This year I’ll wear something that makes me stand out, not hide”. And she even participated in Christmas jumper day at work as this was the first year she felt she could wear one without drawing attention to herself.

Not only has weight loss surgery transformed the Christmas period socially for Amie, it has also made her appreciate the treats more. Previously Christmas could have been an easy excuse to indulge in food and drink. Now with a much healthier attitude towards life Amie is careful to select few treats here and there, so she can still enjoy everything she did before, but in moderation. 

Amie after surgery, looking amazing on her wedding

2022 plans & goals

“My goal was just to get married. But now I’m looking forward to doing things I’ve never done before, going on abroad holidays because i know feel like I can go on a plane and get into summer clothes” 

Alongside this Amie feels passionate about helping other type 1 diabetics with fitness and health.

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