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Andi’s Journey – What I Ate 4 Weeks Post-Surgery

Just 4 weeks after his mini gastric bypass surgery, Andi has shared with us his recent post-op diet throughout the initial liquid and puree stages and how he is getting on with navigating this new way of life.

"It's amazing how I didn't really realise how much I was overeating in comparison to where I am now."

In just a short 4 weeks, Andi has already lost a huge 26kg from his initial weight of 199kg, which equates to around 31 stone. Mr Rishi Singhal, Andi’s surgeon, felt the operation went extremely well and one of the biggest factors that contributed to this success, was Andi’s liver being in great condition. ‘Mr Singhal was really happy with my liver; he said it was one of the best he’d seen so that’s a big one up to me for sticking with my liver-reduction diet.

Following this success, Andi has been sending us weekly video updates to document his weight loss journey and it is incredible to see these results already!  He described himself and his wife playing a game they call ‘keep or chuck’; already getting rid of his current clothes in the hope he will begin to fit into his older clothes that he never thought he would wear again.

The First 1-2 weeks – The Liquid Stage

In the initial liquid phase, Andi’s diet consisted of the following:

  • Breakfast – protein yoghurt with a bit of milk to thin it down.
  • Lunch – a cup of soup, no bits.
  • Dinner – tin of soup with skimmed milk powder
  • Drinking glasses of milk and water

“The first week of the liquid diet, it’s not that bad in all fairness. I started off with protein shakes, but I wasn’t very keen on those, so I found this yoghurt that I really like for breakfast instead to go with my medication. For lunch, I’ll just have a cup of soup with a couple of spoonfuls of skimmed milk powder which helps to add the protein I need." "I’ve been straining all my soups to start off with but I’m now getting a little bit braver and starting to leave little bits in it so that’s been great and haven’t had any pains, it’s been well worth it.”

Certainly, consuming just liquids for 2 weeks may seem a bit tedious, but in the grand scheme of your journey, this is a short time and helps your stomach to heal. In addition, with your new body, you will find it hard to stomach portions any bigger or thicker in consistency at this point so don’t worry about feeling hungry.

Weeks 3-4 – The Puree Stage

Andi’s puree diet:

  • Breakfast – protein Yoghurt or porridge (not flavoured ones that made me feel poorly as there were too many sugars added) with semi-skimmed milk and milk powder
  • Lunch – a cup of soup, blended beans, or spaghetti with 1/2 a jacket potato
  • Dinner – oven-cooked veg with blended meat like mince or chicken mixed with some gravy (avoiding potatoes if I had 1/2 of one at lunch)
  • Low-sugar ice lollies or ice pops

“The transition from liquids to puree has been quite difficult, it just hasn’t always been sitting right on my tummy, but I’ve still managed to get enough down me. I have found I can tolerate pasta or blended spaghetti, but I can't wait to try a bit of rice and bread in time to come. My plate is a side plate now though and I can eat about 1/2 a plateful or 1/2 a cereal bowl. I had some corned beef hash for dinner this evening with some veg and managed just half a cereal bowl when before I would have used a full pasta bowl. It just shows what your body really needs and what it can do without." "I also had my first vitamin B12 injection recently and I’ve got to go to the doctor for that every 3 months but overall, I’m really happy! I feel ready to start more solids but don't want to push my new little stomach pouch too much.”

So What's Next For Andi?

Apart from his progression onto solid foods, Andi has been on a lot of medication in recent years to help control his conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, which he hopes can begin to change. He is currently waiting for Mr Rishi Singhal to write to his GP to see if any of his medication can be reduced due to his weight loss surgery operation which would be fantastic!

In addition to this, Andi will be heading back to work after a quick recovery and celebrating his birthday and anniversary weekend by having his first meal out since his operation! We are excited to hear all about the above in Andi’s upcoming video update this week so if you don’t already, make sure you follow us on both Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date.

If you are interested in a gastric procedure such as the gastric band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass or ESG. You can contact our expert team today and book a free consult with one of our weight loss surgeons.


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