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Bariatric Patients Share Their Tips For Eating Out After Weight Loss Surgery

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Eating out after weight loss surgery can be tricky, you might have nailed your plan at home but heading out can cause anxiety. 

Whether its because you’re not public about having surgery or concerned about the temptation in different environments. 

We asked real bariatric patients to share their top tips when it comes to preparing for eating out after weight loss surgery.

Post-op bariatric patients share their views

Bariatric patients have been through surgery to manage their weight. Prior to surgery many of our patients struggled with food and knowing when was enough to stop, suffering with binge and eating disorders. 

We wanted to know what their thoughts were on having calories on menu’s. Is it good? Is it bad? Or is it a big waste of time? 

Alison, who had a gastric sleeve with us in 2020 said “

Top Tip No.1

"I Always Check My Partner Likes What I'm Ordering Because Usually They Will Get My Left Overs"

Sarah, who had the gastric sleeve with us in 2018 shared this brilliant tip, if you’re eating out with your partner or friend. After weight loss surgery you will struggle to finish a full sized meal at a restaurant so, if you don’t want any waste then pass it on! 

We’re not saying only order to please others and not yourself but it helps to know someone can help you out with finishing your plate. 

Top Tip No.2

"Read The Menu Before You Go"

Alison, who had gastric sleeve surgery with us in 2020, made this clever suggestion, most restaurants have downloadable menu’s online, which means you can think before hand about what the best option is for you. 

If you read the menu and still struggle to find a dish that suits your post-bariatric life style then you could suggest another restaurant with more suitable options. Or why not make the most out of the 24/7 nutritionist live support on our app. You can send them the menu along with your personal food do’s and don’ts and ask what they think would be best.

Top Tip No.3

"Ask For A Child Portion"

Another tip from Sarah, who lost 8 stone with the gastric sleeve. Don’t be afraid to ask for the child’s size dishes or small portions. 

This doesn’t mean you have to eat of the children’s menu, but a lot of restaurants offering smaller sized portions, even if they don’t advertise it, ask if they can!

Top Tip No.4


Everyone we spoke to had this recommendation. It seems like Tapas is a crowd pleaser for bariatric patients whether it’s the sleeve, band or bypass! 

The great thing about Tapas is you don’t have to ask for any special requirements. All of the dishes are small and to be shared. If you aren’t open about your surgery with people then this is a great option!  

Top Tip No.5

"Tell People"

Robbie, who has lost an incredible 15 stone since his gastric bypass surgery with us, has a top tip for those feeling confident. Tell people! 

We know weight loss surgery can be a delicate subject and many patients choose to keep it between a few close friends and relatives. However, if you feel confident enough to share your surgery then do it! 

It will make it so much more easier when eating out, people don’t ask you why you’re not eating much or taking a long time to eat. Having the support to people around you is unbeatable. 


If you are interested in a gastric procedure such as the gastric band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass or ESG. You can contact our expert team today and book a free consult with one of our weight loss surgeons.


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