Beat the sitting disease and take a big step to beating obesity

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I read a great little piece of research earlier today. It could easily fly under the radar but is actually very important.

The research was carried out by the world famous Mayo Clinic in the United States, and published in the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology*. The researchers looked at multiple studies from around the world, 46 in fact, and found that when standing still a person uses 0.15 calories more per minute per kilogram than when sitting still. If we multiply that finding and apply it to a person of 10 stone, standing for 6 hours per day, instead of sitting, it equates to an extra 54 calories per day being used. It sounds like very little but when repeated every day for a year it would add up to 5.5 pounds of weight!

Also, remember that the study was based on a 10 stone person. If the person was 15, 20 or even 25 stone, the weight loss would be considerably higher.

This research is important, not because it replaces the need for weight loss surgery, it doesn’t, but it does give the vast majority of surgery patients a realistic way to increase their daily calorie expenditure. This can be very hard for many of the patients who we see in clinic.

The pressures of daily life, looking after children, working, perhaps holding down several jobs, caring for family members, etc mean that people simply cannot find time to ‘exercise’. Most however can find a way to spend more time on their feet.

Patients who can increase their calorie expenditure after weight loss surgery at the same time as reducing the calories they consume will see better and faster weight loss results. Find out how many calories you need to consume with our Calorie Deficit Calculator.

So, if you can’t find a way to get to the gym, to run or even to go for a daily walk, just try and find ways to spend more time standing. Stand while the kettle is boiling, stand while you are on the telephone, stand when you are in Starbucks (other coffee shops are available). You’ll lose more weight.

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Martyn Berrett

Martyn is the former MD of Healthier Weight. Throughout his tenure he observed many bariatric procedures and took part in several research projects so has a unique perspective on all things weight loss.

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