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Celebrating Off-scale Victories this Christmas

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It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers when you are on your weight loss journey. And, while hitting your goal weight it a huge achievement we want to celebrate the off-scale victories too.

As the year 2021 closes in we are raising a glass (see the most low cal alcoholic drinks you can enjoy this xmas) to all of our incredible patients who have smashed their goals. This year we’re focusing on the off-scale victories, as we know weight loss surgery is more than just losing weight, it’s getting your life back. 

We will be sharing the inspirational stories of our bariatric patients who have achieved more than they thought possible before their weight loss surgery. In previous Christmas’s these patients were unhappy and unhealthy.  But this Christmas they are celebrating health and happiness with us. Keep your eyes peeled for our patient stories every Friday. 

james gastric surgery weight loss surgery after results
"I always thought it was a quick fix, it's not, it is a tool, and you have to use that tool, and if you don't, you will lose it."

Read James' story and join us in celebrating her incredible off scale victories

Last Christmas I couldn't but this Christmas I can

We’ve had a number of patients reach out to us to share their victories but who want to remain private. But, we still want to celebrate these amazing achievements that patients have been able to have since their weight loss surgery .

Here are 7 off-scale victories of real men and women…

"This will be the first Christmas I can share a bed with my husband"

“Because of my weight, I was a terrible snorer. Over the years it got so bad that my husband and I stopped sharing a bed but since my weight loss surgery, my snoring has almost vanished! This will be the first Christmas in years that we will wake up together and I can’t wait.”

"We've booked a holiday - and I don't need a seatbelt extender"

“We go away around Christmas every year and every year since having children the seatbelt was getting tighter and tighter. For the past two years, I have needed the extension, this was my turning point. My goal was that by this Christmas I wouldn’t need one. Having gone from a size 28 to  a size 14 I will be able to sit on a plane and have excess seatbelt!”

"We'll all be able to have matching Christmas PJ's"

“The kids and my husband always have matching PJ’s on Christmas, I’ve never been able to join in the tradition. But this year I can fit into a Christmas jumper from the supermarket. So this year we will all be matching for the first time ever”

"Watching the school nativity play"

“I was too embrassed to watch my children in their nativity play because I knew I wouldn’t be able to fit onto the school seats they put out to watch it on. This year I’ve bought tickets to both nights it’s on to make up for missing last Christmas.”

"I'll be wearing a suit to the work Christmas do"

“I never had the confidence to go to work do’s in the past because the dress code was black tie, and I couldn’t find a suit to fit me. This Christmas I have bought a suit and will be attending.”

"Going to winter wonderland"

“Winter wonderland was something I couldn’t ever do because it was too tiring. But now, I have so much more energy we’re planning on going for a full day”

"I'll be part of the Christmas photos"

“For the past 5 years I have always been the photographer because I hated being in the photo’s my self. This Christmas I will be front and centre of all the photos”

Feeling inspired? All of these people have achieved these amazing goals in just 12 months. They will be spending Christmas happy and healthy. Next year that could be you!


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