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Create your own monthly payment plan

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Weight loss surgery remains the best solution to re-take control of your weight, tackle weight-related health problems and ultimately lead a happier and healthier life. Your life-changing procedure should not be restricted by cost, which is why we have created our monthly payment plans to make weight loss surgery more accessible than ever.

Which weight loss procedure is right for me?

If you’re unsure which weight loss surgery is right for you, here’s a quick breakdown of each procedure for which you can configure your own monthly payment plan.

The gastric band

The gastric band is the most well-known form of weight loss surgery in the UK. The band is a good option for people who want a less invasive procedure that is reversible and can be done as a day case. The gastric band works by encouraging a feeling of fullness on a smaller portion when you eat foods of the right texture slowly. Read our article on what you can eat with a gastric band here.

A silicone band is placed around the top of the stomach to create a small stomach ‘pouch’ above the band with the larger stomach below. The food you eat passes into the smaller stomach above the band before quickly squeezing ‘through’ the band into the larger stomach. It is this squeezing that encourages an earlier feeling of fullness, but you must eat slowly to recognise this.

In addition to being the safest form of weight loss surgery, it is also very effective. On average we expect patients to lose about half of their excess weight over a 2 year period (most in year one) and for most of that weight loss to be sustained over the long term.

The gastric sleeve

The gastric sleeve is now the most common form of weight loss surgery across the world. It is a powerful procedure that suppresses the appetite. Patients can expect to lose most of their excess weight and quickly. We expect sleeve patients to achieve around 70% excess weight loss over a 2 year period.

The gastric sleeve works in two ways:

  1. By restricting the amount you can eat

    A large part of the stomach is removed during surgery leaving a smaller, narrower stomach that looks like a ‘sleeve’. In total, about 80% of the original stomach is removed.

  2. By impacting on gut hormones

    Levels of the hormone Ghrelin fall after sleeve surgery, which explains why patients experience a marked change and reduction in appetite. Sleeve patients report major changes in taste and food preferences towards a healthier diet. This also aids weight loss.

The gastric bypass

The gastric bypass is generally regarded as the king of weight loss procedures. It is long-established and has proven to be both safe and effective. Patients can expect to lose about 70% of their excess weight over 2 years and most of this weight loss is maintained in the long term.

The bypass requires division of the stomach and the bowel. Unlike the sleeve, none of the stomach is removed but food is routed differently (more quickly) through a smaller stomach into the bowel. Time in surgery is about 1 hour 15 minutes. Not only does the bypass deliver excellent weight loss results but it is also the most effective procedure for reversing weight-related health problems.

Monthly payment plans

We have developed our monthly payment plans so that you can choose to spread the cost of your procedure over 3, 4 or 5 years. Use the calculator below to choose a plan that’s right for you. If you think you’ve found your plan, click ‘request consultation’ and one of our patient care co-ordinators will contact you.

Healthier Weight Monthly Repayment Calculator

Create your monthly payment plan

Use this calculator to work out your monthly repayments for a weight loss procedure.

I'd like a loan for a...

I'd like to pay it back over...

I have a deposit of... £

£ per month*

*This amount is for illustration only. Monthly amount may vary and is based on a representative APR of 9.9%. Terms and conditions apply.

Loan amount: £

Procedure amount: £

Term: months

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