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Feel good, not guilty – have a foodtastic bank holiday

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The working week is closing in on us as we eagerly await the upcoming August bank holiday weekend. Finally, the well-deserved three-day break is nearly here for us to enjoy with our friends and family. However, with all of the excitement that a long weekend can bring, weight loss surgery patients can’t overlook the looming possibility of social plans, revolving around meals out, and drinks in town to celebrate the last summer weekend.

Whether your weight loss procedure is something your social group is aware of or not, the same anxiety and concerns can arise. When eating out, there are several options to explore that won’t hold you back, from enjoying time with friends and family at restaurants and other food venues. In this blog, we will put your mind at rest with all the guidance and advice from our weight loss experts and previous patients, so you can have a weekend of carefree fun with loved ones without the worry of sabotaging your bariatric diet.

Any concerns come from being unaware of what is the right/wrong thing to do in social situations when eating out. Our exceptional dietitian Heather has shared guidelines to help you make the right decision when eating out this bank holiday. So you can feel good, not guilty.


Going out with friends requires planning, from what to wear to travel arrangements for most of us. It’s essential to ensuring everything can run as smoothly as possible, so we’re recommending that you add a few extra preparations to your social engagements to make sure that all your dietary requirements will be met. 


UK Food Chain restaurants to eat out

Now you are prepared and have instructions from Healthier Weight’s dietitians. It is now time to pick a delicious and nutritious restaurant, don’t worry; we have everything about dining out after weight loss surgery that you need to know.

Bella Italia - Starters from £5.95

Step into the Italian vibe for a few hours and enjoy a tasty small treat; this restaurants atmosphere is welcoming and warm, the perfect venue to spend quality time with loved ones. 

  1.  Funghi Arrosto – oven-baked mushrooms
  2. Gambari – King prawns oven -baked in garlic and butter
  3. Calamari Fritti – salt & pepper squid
  4. Pork beef meatballs 

Wagamama's - excellent vegan and vegetarian sides from £5.80

Fancy something light? Wagamama’s have delicious vegan and vegetarian Asian style starters. Sometimes having meat can be too filling, and earlier this week, we spoke to a previous Gastric sleeve patient who lost nine stone, and she said she much prefers vegetarian starters when eating out!

  1. Sticky Vegan Ribs 
  2. Edamame with salt or garlic salt
  3. Crispy bang bang cauliflower 
  4. Yasai steamed gyoza 
  5. Vegan chilli Squid lightly battered

Nandos - Protien is Good for me

Nandos has 450 restaurants in the UK, and it is safe to say you can’t go and do a bit of shopping with your friends without one being around the corner.

Have you ever thought about getting a boneless chicken thigh with salad and saving half for later? You can still enjoy a main but ask for a takeaway box straight away. Then, have the rest for your tea! Delicious!


Starters from £3.75 

  1. Halloumi sticks with chilli jam 
  2. spicy mixed olives 
  3. Houmous with PERI-PERI 
  4. Sweet potato wedges with garlic PERI-PERI 

Yo Sushi - Calorie heaven, dishes from 70 calories!

Their website is worth the click; the menu is enough to get mouths watering. Yo Sushi is a Japanese style restaurant that serves small dishes that are low calorie. What isn’t there to love about dining at YO Sushi.

  1. Avocado Maki 
  2. Chicken Gyoza 
  3. Fresh Fruit plate 
  4. Inari Taco 
  5. Salmon Nigiri 

Zizzi - the yummiest side orders from £3.85

We’re all keeping our fingers crossed for a bit of sunshine this weekend. When the suns out, there’s nothing better than a bit of alfresco dining and a tasty cold salad is the perfect dish for it. Zizzi’s have you covered with the best side salad option.

  1. Baby gem salad with caesar dressing & riserva cheese
  2. sweet potato fries 
  3. Mushroom Brindisi with smoked mozzarella 
  4. Calamari, crispy squid with lemon & rosemary 
  5. Garlic King Prawns pan-fried with garlic 


Starters and Tapas are great when catching up with friends on a bank holiday, but have you ever thought about asking for a children’s menu. We asked the question earlier this week because we care about your opinion, and one of our previous patient’s said she enjoys the Miller and carter children’s menu.  

Miller and Carter £8.45 for two courses

Immerse yourself into something a bit more swanky and spend the evening wining and dining with miller and carters fantastic children’s menu.

  1. 30 Day aged rump steak
  2. Grilled chicken breast (without BBQ sauce)
  3. Barbecue quorn bites 
  4. Battered fish fingers

The side other options are; sweet potato fried, jacket potato, salad or mash.

Café Rouge

Have a taste of France at Café Rouge this bank holiday! Café Rouge has 29 locations in the UK and has many options for you to try. Dietitian Heather advised that sometimes children’s meals may be too big, but Café Rouge has a petite menu of £5.95, a smaller version.

  1. Chicken caesar salad
  2. Chicken crunches
  3. Sausage and mash
  4. Fish goujons

For a side, we would recommend asking for salad or vegetables.

Overall, we want you to enjoy eating out because bariatric surgery should not stop you. Life should only get better. So be mindful and always pick the healthier options and be prepared.

Happy bank holiday!

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