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Financing My Weight Loss Surgery Saved My Life

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At Healthier Weight we understand that the up-front cost of weight loss surgery can mean some patients struggle to afford it. 

We want everyone to have the opportunity to experience the benefits of weight loss surgery that other diet plans don’t offer. 

This is why we are proud to offer the best finance plans for weight loss surgery amongst UK providers. At 9.9% APR our lender Chrysalis help patients to spread the cost of their bariatric surgery over up to 5 years. And, our 0% finance plan allows patients to defer up to £2,000 over 11 months.

Interest FREE option

Defer £2k of your procedure fee
£ 166
per month*
  • Defer £2,000 of your fee
  • Pay back over 12 months
  • No credit check, UK residents only
  • 0% interest

Full finance option

Spread the full cost of your procedure
£ 199
per month**
  • Min £1000 deposit required
  • Spread full cost over 5 years
  • Manageable instalments
  • Representative 9.9% APR

Carey's Experience

Carey had gastric band surgery 15 months ago and has lost over 6 stone. More than just weight loss though, she has been able to come off her depression and anxiety medication, and have the confidence to feel like her self again!

Deciding to go ahead with the surgery wasn’t a straightforward decision for Carey. Being a mum to 4 kids she felt guilty, that the money could have gone to something better. But, her husband re-assured her that it didn’t matter the cost if it meant they were getting her back, it was in everyone’s best interested that Carey was her best self, her healthiest self. Weight loss surgery was the answer to this. 

“Although we had money saved from lockdown, we still didn’t have enough to pay off the full surgery amount in one go, so finance was the option”. 

Carey used Chrysalis to help pay for some of her gastric band surgery. Choosing the spread the cost over a set amount of months. 

Since having the surgery and paying off the monthly finance, she admitted they haven’t noticed the money missing. 

“When you factor in the area’s where we’re saving money, on food, slimming world subscriptions and my lower BMI brining down our life insurance policy, it’s evened out so it hasn’t effected us”.

Emma's Experience

Emma began her incredible gastric sleeve journey last year, 6th January 2021, at 291 pounds. A year later, Emma has lost an amazing 7 stone, 7lbs. We are incredibly proud of Emma, and she has started her 2022 off to a great start.

Your weight loss surgery journey begins with research finding other relatable success stories. Emma noticed on Instagram other bariatric patients have gone abroad; however, when she was deciding about the best provider for her, she didn’t think it would be good to have major surgery in a different country.

“what if I felt funny on a four or five-hour flight home. Nobody can help. I thought about the long term, and I have support right here” – Emma.

Like many of us, finances can be the one thing that gets in the way of achieving your healthier weight. But we take pride in supporting different people from different walks of life to achieve the life they deserve. So once Emma realised we at Healthier Weight had finance options, it cemented her decision.  

Emma paid off her weight loss surgery over 36 months, and she stated,

“It just comes out by direct debit on the day I get paid. I don’t miss it. It is a really flexible plan, but it also opens up to a normal person something that may seem completely out of reach” – Emma.

Finance options made the surgery obtainable, and now her life has changed for the better. Emma now feels a lot happier in how she physically looks and feels.

“It’s 100 percent been the right decision for me” – Emma.

It’s more than just weight loss weight. It improves your health in so many ways.

Emma also discusses how weight loss surgery has improved her asthma, as she once suffered. But now, after surgery, she barely takes her inhalers. Also, walking to her local town used to take her 20 minutes, but it takes her 12 minutes since the weight loss! What an excellent 2021 for Emma, and we are excited to see what 2022 has in store.

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    * Monthly Deferred Instalments will be collected via Direct Debit or Credit/Debit cards.  Terms and conditions relating to these recurring payments are included within the credit agreement and procedure terms and conditions supplied at the time of booking.

    ** Finance subject to individual status and UK residence. The full finance quote “£199.49 per month” assumes a gastric sleeve package of £10,499 payable by a deposit of £1,000 plus 60 monthly instalments of £199.49. Total amount payable £11,969.40 (APR 9.9%) EXCLUDING deposit. Minimum deposit is £1000.

    Finance is Subject to status and full terms and conditions apply. Weight To Go Limited trading as Healthier Weight, is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to carry out the regulated activity of credit broking.

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