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First Christmas as a Bariatric Patient

We at Healthier Weight performed thousands of procedures this year, which means one thing…it’s a lot of patients’ first Christmas after surgery. Although this is very exciting, experiencing Christmas with having an improved relationship with food, it can also make a lot of people apprehensive about what these fun festivities mean. With that being said, we recommend giving this blog a quick read if you’re at all concerned about what Christmas as a bariatric patient means… 

Your new relationship with food

Christmas is centred a lot around food and alcohol, which is something a bariatric patient may not be as interested in as those around them. This is because they must make wiser food choices alongside avoiding alcohol where possible. However, with a new and improved relationship, that’s not to say you must stick to only ‘healthy’ foods. You can still treat yourself to some Christmassy snacks if you feel comfortable (and are still hitting your protein goal, of course.)  

What to do

Here’s what one of our brand ambassadors, Melissa had to say for those going through their first christmas… 

It can be really daunting 

The truth is when you don’t know what to expect, just like anything, you can be overwhelmed by what’s to come. Knowing that Christmas comes with “a lot of events and festivities that revolved around food and alcohol”, it’s easy to worry, especially if you’re in the early stages of your diet. However, there are ways to make yourself feel more comfortable. 

Melissa’s top tips

Melissa had the Gastric Bypass and experienced her first Christmas as a bariatric patient last year.

“Your early stages are not forever” 

Remember “your early stages are not forever” but whilst you are in these, Melissa recommends making your own food and taking it with you to avoid getting ill. Small things like food being cooked in specific oils can affect your recovery and it’s not worth how much you’ve progressed. But it is likely you’ll be fine with most foods soon, so just be patient with yourself and take every day as it comes! 

The power of a side plate 

If you’re eating at a friend’s house, a rule of thumb that Melissa lived by was asking for a side plate to eat off of. By doing this she found that she wasn’t overwhelmed by the amount of food on her plate when she ate, whilst still being able to enjoy a little bit of everything.  

Prioritise your protein 

Eat your protein first so you’re satisfied with the food you eat.” By having your protein first, you can still hit your protein goal. This is especially important as a bariatric patient to allow you to fuel your body properly. By doing this, your body is more eligible to fight off illnesses and keep your cells healthy.  

Bring your own sacks 

If you’re worried about what food and drink are going to be there, bring your own! Melissa’s favourites were chicken skewers, chocolate babybels, protein puddings and fruit salad! That way you can feel like you’re not missing out whilst avoiding the concern of what you can and can’t eat. With that being said, it’s important to remember to still have fun and treat yourself to everything occasionally. As Melissa said, “there’s a big difference between having a few chocolates and devouring the whole tin!” So, eat in moderation and be conscious when you’re eating without limiting yourself too much. You have weight loss surgery to help yourself live a normal life that isn’t consumed around food, so that’s what you should do, live the normal life you deserve! “Don’t deprive yourself and remember, this is a diet for life, so you need to enjoy yourself”. 

All things considered, we at Healthier Weight wish you a wonderful Christmas full of new memories and festivities!  

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