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How I Lost 6 Stone With The Gastric Sleeve

Battling with your weight can create deep issues with self-love and acceptance. This, is something Alison, our gastric sleeve patient was all too familiar with. Finding body confidence after years of being teased by the boys in her childhood was a long road. For Alison weight loss surgery helped her navigate her journey to self-love.

A Lifelong Difficult Relationship With Food

Before having the gastric sleeve and losing 6 stone, Alison had an unhealthy relationship with food. 

“I was starving myself for days, going to the gym then the demons would creep in and I would binge eat everything in sight”. 

Alison explained to us how she would feel embarrassed to eat in front of people, as she thought they would judge her for what and how much she ate. This only added to her toxic relationship with food and her binge eating disorder. 

“The demons would always win”. She told us, “I had no control over it”. 

selfcare after weight loss surgery

Researching Weight Loss Surgery

Due to Alison’s binge eating disorder diet plans didn’t work. She would be good for a few days and then she would fall off and back into the old unbreakable habits. 

She knew that she needed to take control of her weight with a long term solution, that would help her and get rid of her demons. 

“I knew that because my struggles with weight were rooted in my emotions that I needed a serious solution to maintain weight loss and a healthier lifestyle”. 

Like many of our patients Alison had such an unhealthy relationship with food that she was either on one extreme of never eating or the other of over-eating. Unfortunately with a food addiction unlike other addictions such as smoking or drinking, you can never completely quit. We need food to survive. This is where weight loss surgery can help. It reduces the amount of food you can physically eat to stop you from over eating, and helping you develop a healthier relationship with food.

Alison wanted desperately to be in control, and weight loss surgery was the answer for her.

The Gastric Sleeve and Shedding 6 Stone

After a LOT of research, Alison wanted Healthier Weight to be her provider for weight loss surgery. A

Prof Rishi Singhal, our medical director and world renowned bariatric surgeon gave Alison her consult. After listening to her and what her personal struggles with weight loss were he recommended the gastric sleeve. The gastric sleeve is becoming the most popular choice in weight loss surgery, it works by reducing the stomach by around 80% including the hormone ghrelin which means patients have a reduced appetite and can only eat smaller portions of food.

Alison had the gastric sleeve weight loss procedure in 2020 and has since lost 6 stone!

The Aftercare Post Gastric Sleeve

“I was worried that because I had my surgery and then there was lockdown that I wouldn’t receive any aftercare, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I had all my calls and whenever I needed the team they were there for me.”

Alison expressed her thanks to the bariatric nurses and patient support team at Healthier Weight for their aftercare. The months that follow post-op require support to ensure the patient has success. we understand this and make sure everyone has the best opportunity to reach their healthier weight.

It's More Than Just Weight Loss

For Alison the gastric sleeve was more than just weight loss surgery. While losing 6 stone has allowed her to live a phyiscally healthier lifestyle, Alison is happy to have herself back. 

“The demons don’t have a playground anymore”. For so many years Alison had lost her control over her inner demons, but since her gastric sleeve surgery, the demons no longer exist. 

She is now a confident advocate for self love and body positivity. 

If you are interested in a gastric procedure such as the gastric band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass or ESG. You can contact our expert team today and book a free consult with one of our weight loss surgeons.


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