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Can you enjoy winter after surgery?

November is a time when your life shifts to cosy moments, savouring hot drinks with your favourite films on. For obese patients who have undergone weight loss surgery, embracing colder seasons can be a little more difficult. However, it can also be a chance to bring about a new love for autumn/winter as well as new experiences. So, while the colder months may come with some challenges, here are a couple of ways we at Healthier Weight believe you can fully savour every moment and enjoy this special time of year after bariatric surgery.


As we know, autumn/winter opens a bunch of new activities that wouldn’t be as fun in the summer! Ice skating, gentle autumn hikes can be a great way to keep active during the colder weathers, as well as appreciating the beauty of the season. These activities will not only help you stay active and keep your short/long term goals in mind, it can also offer a chance to connect with the outdoors and find enjoyment with it.

Nourishing foods:

When we think of colder seasons we connect it with hearty, warming dishes. After bariatric surgery, it’s important to focus on nutrient-dense foods that are in line with your dietary needs. Here’s some recommendations from us at Healthier Weight:

  • Protein rich soups
  • Stews
  • Roasted vegetables

With this, embrace the produce available and incorporate different flavours to make it fun!


Cold weather can often lead to a decrease in your sense of thirst, making it easier to focus on hydration. Bariatric patients should ensure they still get their liquids in to keep your body healthy and for eliminating waste. To help with this, try sipping on herbal teas, broths of adding some citrus fruit to your water to help make drinking more fun during colder months.

Dress for comfort and warmth:

Staying warm and comfortable is crucial in the colder weather. Make layers with your clothes so you can adjust depending on your activity levels/the temperature. Investing in well fitted clothes ensure you stay comfy and more motivated to be outdoors to benefit both your physical and mental health.

Have fun indoors:

With all this being said, there are days when the weather is simply too cold to go outside. On days like this, try and find enjoying activities to do inside. Try new recipes, practice some yoga, meditate, or find new hobbies! This can help keep your mind occupied as well as fostering a sense of contentment during the shorter and darker days.

Stay mindful:

The colder season can always bring a feeling of isolation. For bariatric patients, this may slightly worsen with the ongoing changes with your body post weight loss surgery. Remember to prioritise your mental health and seek support through your friends, family, or support groups (such as our ‘Healthier Weight Community’ on Facebook).

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