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How to feel confident this summer

Self-confidence can be defined as “a feeling of trusts in one’s abilities, qualities and judgement” (Oxford Dictionary). But for many, self-confidence can be defined in different ways. From wearing shorts in public for the first time, attending the gym or simply speaking to others. Many tasks can be overwhelming when you don’t have that certainty everyone around you seemingly has. So how do you get to where you want to be before the summer is over?

Tips and Tricks to being confident​

  1. Discover the issue

Self-discovery is a vital factor to consider when building up your confidence. To begin your journey, you need to know what your doubts are in order to overcome them. You may be able to tell yourself what the problem is right away but if not don’t worry! Keep it light, grab a notepad and write down how you’re feeling about yourself!

Once you’ve done this, you can prioritise all your problems, fears and concerns that are stopping you from being confident. Take yourself out of the situation and address the issues from a different perspective. What would you tell a friend? What are the practical solutions for these doubts? Once you’ve done this you can start doing what you deserve this summer, working on yourself!

  1. Social media

There is one simple statement for us to realise, who you follow is important. We may think our aimless scrolling daily is harmless, but what you watch has a huge impact on your perspective. This is because your following creates your newsfeed, so instead of following accounts that can affect your mentality, follow people who you find inspiring and make it fun! For example:

–       Influencers who have similar body types to you – This way you can relate to them more.

–       Uplifting accounts – To help give you motivation e.g., through a relatable quote.

–       Accounts producing content relevant to you – To help you connect with your newsfeed and             help you feeling less isolated.

  1. The power of your mind

Your mind is powerful so it’s important to make sure it’s a positive place. Self-doubt is normal for everyone, but don’t let it get on top of you. However, this is easier said than done. A recent study by Christopher Cascio found that self-affirmations have a powerful effect on self-confidence, being proven to restore self-competence. So, designate some time for yourself, write down who you want to be and give yourself some words of encouragement before taking those big steps you might be afraid of!

Here are a few of our favourite affirmations you may find helpful:

–       I can do anything I set my mind to.

–       I can overcome any obstacle that comes my way.

–       I am stronger than my fears.

–       I can let go of my insecurities.

  1. Focus on things you can do

Your perspective can change your thought processes when it comes to anything, but especially confidence. It may seem simple but instead of focusing on things you don’t like, take some time out of your day to find the favourite things you like about yourself. Our patients have come a long way, you have already tackled your biggest fear. Now it’s time to be proud of yourself and focus on all the things you can do post-operation. Take advantage of that.

  1. Dress to impress

Last but not least, dress to impress! With everything we’ve said we understand that summer is a daunting time. So, to make yourself as confident as possible, wear clothes you feel both comfortable and amazing in. Whether that’s your favourite top, bikini, swimming trunks and more. And if you don’t have anything… there is always an excuse for a shopping spree!

We hope all our patients have an amazing summer and create some amazing memories now you’ve started this new journey in your life. If you aren’t feeling your best and want to know more about how we can help


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