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How to make the most of your Christmas

Don’t drink your calories

One tip we have at Healthier Weight for our bariatric patients is to not drink your calories! We understand it’s tempting, especially during the Christmas season but your calorie intake is already restricted from your weight loss operation. Therefore, although hot chocolates at the Christmas market look enticing, they are full of ‘empty calories’. This is because your body doesn’t recognise that it’s full when you drink, meaning they’re additional calories that contain little to no nutrients. That’s not to say never have those hot chocolates or other festive drinks that grab your attention, but be careful and still make better nutrient choices. For example, choosing lower calories hot chocolate can always help feed that sweet treat you may be craving.   

Take time when you eat

Although Christmas is a holiday where food is a big part of people’s lifestyles, your perception of food shouldn’t change. Still try your best to see it as something that fuels your body, not a ‘reward’, despite what people around you think. Still take your time when eating and as one of our brand ambassadors, Vicky Goddard lives by, “have a small piece of everything on your Christmas dinner so you don’t feel like you’re missing out”. We absolutely love this advice as it gives you the opportunity to still enjoy everything on your plate without getting full too quickly! You can still appreciate Christmas and all the things that come with it just as you did before surgery.  

Take the leftovers home

With that idea of not missing out, take your leftovers home! One benefit of having a smaller stomach means you get to eat those tasty meals more than once. So, with that being said, have no shame in taking home those extra snacks. Not only this but it saves money on groceries! Christmas can be quite expensive when you include those extra presents and electricity bills, so there’s no harm in saving money (and food) where you can. 

Be mindful when you’re eating

We know to be mindful throughout the year, as many are. However, during Christmas, we tend to slip up and lose sight of what our vision is. It’s easier to wait until the new year to set new intentions and new year’s resolutions. Whilst that’s always good, try not to backtrack to old habits near the end of the year. You have made so much progress within your journey so remember why you’re doing this. There are fun ways to do this, for example, creating vision boards or writing down all the things you’ve achieved this year and what you look forward to doing next year!  

Remember to have fun

Last but definitely not least, we want you to have fun! Christmas can be stressful, especially if it’s your first one since weight loss surgery. It’s easy to overthink everything and concern yourself with what you can and can’t do, but it’s still Christmas. If the thought of social events or food is concerning you, do things that bring you happiness. For example, spending time with your friends or family, or people within the bariatric community who understand how you feel. We often find our patients find comfort in planning things that aren’t centred around food such as craft making or going on walks. And if you ever are struggling, always remember, there is a whole community there for you who are willing to help. So, reach out to them, or call our team on 0121 693 4488. Because #togetherwecan. 

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