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How To Reach Your Daily Protein Intake After Weight Loss Surgery

How to hit your protein goal after weight loss surgery

Happy National Protein Day! We today are celebrating one of the most important parts of three major nutrients. After having weight loss surgery, protein is one of the main elements to ensure we succeed long term with our healthier lifestyle. Dietitian Heather has previously recommended that your daily protein consumption generally should be around 70 grams. So, if you are thinking of starting your weight loss surgery journey or don't hit your daily protein goal, we will guide you!

Why Is Protein Essential?

Besides other nutrients, protein and amino acids are the main elements of our muscles. Therefore, it is an integral part of our diet, especially as it encourages weight loss, the growth of muscle mass and the development of our bones, skin, cartilage and blood. 

Protein can reduce hunger levels and appetite, which will minimise calorie intake. So, if you find that you struggle with not feeling complete after a meal, then protein will be your new friendly face when you open that fridge door. 

A balanced diet is key to being fully nourished, advised by our dietitian Heathery Fry. However, she also has discussed the importance of protein intake after having weight loss surgery. If you are not putting enough protein into your body and taking part in fitness activities, your body will start to find nutrients elsewhere. It begins to look at the muscle, and unfortunately, you will begin to see muscle wastage. 

protein weight loss surgery

How to Incorporate Protein After Having Weight Loss Surgery?

Gastric Band

What weight loss procedure you have will determine what you can and can’t eat. After having the Gastric Band, it is vital to include at least two portions of protein because it may be hard to obtain enough protein in smaller amounts.

  • When eating meat, choose lean cuts and remove the skin from chicken before cooking
  •  Try and avoid meats such as bacon, salami, sausages, beef burgers and pate as they are pretty high in fat
  •  Aim to eat at least two portions of fish a week. These can be fresh, frozen or tined.
  •  Beans such as canned baked beans and pulses are good low-fat protein sources.

Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass

The dietary requirements are similar when you have had the Gastric Bypass or Gastric Sleeve.

Your main meals should fit onto a 7-inch side plate or portion control plate, and half should consist of protein, such as meat, poultry, fish and pulses. Then one quarter should be carbohydrates and the other quarter vegetables or salad. Avoid sugary and fatty foods. Your new eating plan to succeed at your weight loss surgery transformation has no room for wasted calories. Always choose foods that a low in fat and sugar, and your food should be baked, grilled, microwaved, steamed or stir-fried, not deep-fried.

We understand that if you are vegan/vegetarian, it can be challenging to hit your daily protein goal, but it is not impossible. Please click here to find out how to succeed at a plant-based diet after weight loss surgery.

protein weight loss surgery

It will be the small changes that will make such a significant impact on your weight loss success and long term goal. Be mindful of each meal you prepare and plan your food to ensure you reach your daily protein goal. Logging your food on our Healthier Weight App enables you to track your progress, and it is now proven that when our patients use our app, they lose 12% more weight!

What Are The Risks Of Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 Diabets needs to be monitored closely as it can lead to serious health conditions such as:

  • Heart Disease 
  • Strokes
  • Loss of feeling and pain (nerve damage)
  • Foot problems – like sores and infections
  • Vision loss
  • Miscarriage and stillbirth
  • Problems with your kidneys
  • Sexual problems – like problems getting or keeping an erection

With so many high risks associated with this disease, it should be taken seriously and we recommend you do everything you can to manage the condition from getting worse. With the link to weight being so prominent, you might want to consider weight loss surgery.

Last review: 25/02/2022. All content on this page is reviewed by a multi-disciplinary team lead by Mr Rishi Singhal.

If you are interested in a gastric procedure such as the gastric band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass or ESG. You can contact our expert team today and book a free consult with one of our weight loss surgeons.


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