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Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Safe?

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The complication rate of the gastric sleeve procedure is very low. At Healthier Weight, we have completed 1,112 gastric sleeves to date and had only 23 complications… that’s a rate of only 2.06%. Furthermore, the mortality rate is 0%. In fact, that’s the same for all of the weight loss procedures that we offer.*

For many people looking to begin their weight loss journey, one of the main concerns that they have is with regards to the safety of their procedure. We work with some of the most highly skilled bariatric surgeons in the world and can say with confidence that gastric sleeve surgery with Healthier Weight is safe.

The gastric sleeve is a laparoscopic (keyhole) procedure and is done through usually 4, sometimes 5 small horizontal incisions. This way, recovery time is significantly reduced and scarring is kept to a minimum.

Although many patients are well enough to go home the day after surgery we prefer to have patients stay for a second night so we can observe them and be as confident as possible that there is not a bleed or a staple line leak. It’s better to identify and treat complications before you go home rather than re-admit you at a later date. The two-night hospital stay is an important safety feature of the Healthier Weight package.

How will I get all the nutrients I need with a much smaller stomach?

Often, people see weight loss surgery as a quick fix that in the long term will cause problems with being able to provide your body with the nutrients it needs when consuming much less food. It’s actually the opposite, the health benefits of the gastric sleeve are vast, watch this video to see how our past patient’s health has improved as a result of their weight loss procedure.

You can still eat most foods after your surgery, providing they don’t cause you discomfort. However, because you will be consuming less food in general, it is important that you include foods that are rich in protein, but low in fat and sugar. We encourage you to eat vegetables, fruit, wholegrains, lean meat and fish.

Gastric sleeve aftercare

At Healthier Weight, all of our weight loss procedures come with a thorough aftercare package. Your success with any weight loss procedure is reliant on the quality of aftercare you receive. Whether it’s a gastric band, gastric bypass or gastric sleeve the importance of having someone there to go through the journey with you is invaluable.

That’s why we say that once you’re a patient with us you’re a patient for life and we’ll always be at the end of the phone, email or at clinic to support you through whatever hurdles you come across.

We treat every patient with the care and compassion they deserve, as such, the gastric sleeve comes with long term follow up with our dedicated nursing team, and a surgeon review when medically indicated. We advise as always to choose your weight loss surgery provider very carefully to make sure you can trust them in all situations.

Expert opinion

“The sleeve is both a safe and effective treatment for obesity. For these reasons, it is now the most common weight loss procedure around the world.

“In recent years, we have seen complication rates reduce in the UK as the procedure has become more widespread. There has also been the improvement in instruments and surgical technique we see with most procedures over time. 

“As with all types of surgery, your chances of experiencing a complication reduce when you choose a provider and a surgeon who does a lot of sleeves. When choosing high volume centres, you reduce the risk of a bleed and staple line leakage, the two complications that are most often associated with sleeve.

“The other benefit of choosing an experienced sleeve surgeon is that in the event you are one of those few people who does experience a complication, they are more likely to have seen it before. This is very important. Remember that all surgeons have complications, even the greatest. One of the tips I always give patients is to ask your surgeon how many sleeve leaks have they have had and how do they deal with them.”

Martyn Berrett – former Healthier Weight Medical Director, 27-08-20

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*Healthier Weight statistics correct as of 28/08/20

Article by Mr Rishi Singhal MBBS, MRCS, FRCS, MD

Last review: 28/08/2020. All content on this page is reviewed by a multi-disciplinary team lead by Mr Rishi Singhal.

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Rishi Singhal

Rishi is an expert bariatric surgeon based in the West Midlands and also Medical Director at Healthier Weight

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