Is there anybody there? It’s World Cup fever!

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The country is gripped by World Cup fever and for what seems like the first time in living memory (some of us are old enough to remember the summer of 1966 though) we can make plans in the knowledge that the sun is going to shine – what a glorious summer!

Never has it been so quiet in clinic as patients find all manner of ways to cancel appointments without admitting they are watching the football instead or having a barbecue πŸ™‚

We should fill our boots and make the most of it, I suspect the weather, at least, will return to normal soon enough.

These last few weeks have been a time when it’s best for most people to put the diet on hold. Alcohol and barbecues are not conducive to weight loss so my advice is to try and contain those calories as best you can, and start afresh on Monday when the world cup is over.

When people come back down to earth their weight loss challenges will still be there and rather than getting down about it, it’s a great time to take that bold step and do something about it. Whether you are exploring weight loss surgery or a medically supervised weight loss programme to help you get control of your weight, why not take that first step and arrange a consultation to discuss your options.

In the interim, Come on England, it’s coming home!

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