James’s Off-scale Victory – I am Fit Enough to Join in Making Memories

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“I always thought it was a quick fix, it’s not, it is a tool, and you have to use that tool, and if you don’t, you will lose it.”  


mini bypass


James’s journey began on holiday with his parents, and he intensely struggled to get about, making it impossible to enjoy himself thoroughly. Then his sister could see that James needed some help from experts and convinced his parents that he required the right support to lose weight. So they decided to go down the weight loss surgery route as a family, and James admits that he is fortunate to have his father support him financially. 

The reason for deciding to go with Healthier Weight was that James met Mr Rishi Singhal, the medical director who performs bariatric surgical procedures, including gastric banding, gastric bypass and gastric sleeve.

“Mr Rishi Singhal was definitely the right man for the job. He just gave me that confidence and made me feel at ease.” – James.


before gastric sleeve surgery
James before surgery

My Christmas Off-scale victories

When it has been Christmas before, we put up with missing out because not being happy with yourself can make you feel unworthy. But, after weight loss surgery, the smallest victories can mean more than just losing weight. 

James describes going to a clothes shop for the first time and trying stuff on and feeling the fabrics with confidence and knowing it will fit. Looking smart and presentable is imperative to James because it makes you feel good. 

Weight loss surgery has also enabled his career to feel more enjoyable, as he works with children, and usually, if they would go to the funfair, James would sit there and be bored. But now, to be able to join in is phenomenal. 

“The feeling was amazing and for the kids as well because I have known them for a long time, and they have followed my journey as well. It was for everyone; everyone was so pleased” – James. 

The gym is now my go-to

 Previously James never felt confident to go into the gym, and getting a personal trainer was the best thing that he ever accomplished.  

“Every time you go, you want to push harder. So the gym is now my go-to, whereas before I used to stress eat but now if I’m having a bad day I just go to the gym.” – James. 

Weight loss surgery has allowed James to channel his energy into something positive and change his mindset instead of turning to food.

after weight loss surgery gastric sleeve

What is different this Christmas

Finally, to enjoy Christmas activities without staying on the sidelines. Of course, what is Christmas without going to the festive markets and having fun with friends and family? But this year, James can join in with ice skating and go to the winter wonderland. What a merry feeling! James and his partner spend a lot of time with their friend’s children, and taking them this year has given him something to look forward to.

after weight loss surgery gastric sleeve

If James gave himself advice at the very start of his journey, he would say:

“You have got to be ready to do it, and it’s not about what other people want. It’s about what you want. I wanted to make a change and be a better person. If you don’t do it for yourself, you won’t do it. There is no point doing it for other people.” – James. 

Unfortunately, weight loss surgery is considered a quick fix in society and is something James openly thought it would be at the start. Though weight loss surgery is the opposite, James and other patients have to work extremely hard to achieve their weight loss goal. It’s more than just your operation day. It changes your whole life and for the better!

“I always thought it was a quick fix, it’s not, it is a tool, and you have to use that tool, and if you don’t, you will lose it.” – James.  

For James to realise that it wasn’t a quick fix was after his operation, because it changed his whole life, from being more organised with his meal prep, “it is just a different way of living”. So when the weight began to drop off, it changed James’s mindset, and he thought, “I’m going to work harder and achieve my goal”. 

Christmas is the time to be grateful and say thank you

Many people have supported James along his incredible weight loss journey, and we at Healthier Weight are incredibly proud of him. So we say thank you to James for all his hard work and dedication to his new life.

James would mainly like to thank his parents, sister, his wife Gemma, Mr Rishi Singhal and his gym instructor.

“I would like to say a massive thanks to Mr Singhal, he made me and family feel at ease and was very confident, and he just made us feel really good. My parents and my sister, I wouldn’t have been able to of done it without them and the support of everyone really. I had a really good network of friends, and my wife Gemma. And my gym instructor, he is the bomb”. – James

On to the new year 2022

Now being two years into his journey, James feels like he can push himself more. However, James still plans for better, healthier things next year, from having significant stepbacks from his gym injury, recently having a lot going on with his friends and family. But James plans to skydive and walk alongside his trainer sometime next year to raise a total of 3,000 pounds for a fantastic charity to help young people. 

What a fantastic future, we are so excited to see you in 2022! 

What could you achieve by next Christmas? If you want to be like James and feel confident and noticed (for all the right reasons!) get in touch today for a free no obligation consutation


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