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Life After Bariatric Surgery: Embracing a New Lifestyle and Body Image

Embarking on a journey towards a healthier you through bariatric surgery is an experience that goes beyond shedding some excess weight. It’s an opportunity to start again, with a fresh start. You have the opportunity to ‘rewrite your story’ as a lot of our patients say. With this in mind, you can embrace a new lifestyle that you may have always dreamt of. In this blog, we’ll explore what life is like after bariatric surgery and explore the ways to fully embrace your new self, adopting a positive body image.

Gaining a positive body image

It’s important to start off by saying that all journeys are different. Some may adopt a positive body image straight away however others may struggle years down the line. It all depends on your relationship with yourself to begin with.

The journey of your positive body image started with self-acceptance and self-compassion. Remember that your body has undergone an incredible transformation to improve your health and overall wellbeing. Try and focus on what your body can do not just what it looks like. Here are some of our most valuable tips:

  • Appreciate all the things your body can now do
  • Shift your mindset, write down some things you like about your body
  • Look at yourself as a whole person

Mindful eating habits

After surgery, your relationship with food will shift. It’s important to embrace mindful eating and use food as a tool to simply nourish your body and mind. To do this, you should pay attention to your body’s signals of hunger and satiety, try and savour your food and ensure the food you are eating is full of nutrients. By adopting this conscious approach to eating you’ll be able to avoid overeating and create a deeper connection with your body’s needs.

Regular physical activity

Engaging in regular activity is essential for a healthier lifestyle. Start with low impact exercises and gradually build your growth and endurance. Activities like walking, swimming, yoga, and cycling can be a good way to get your activity levels up and be enjoyable. Remember, the goal is to stay active and have fun while doing so.

Build a support system

Surrounding yourself with a strong support system network is really important. Connecting with other bariatric patients, join our support group (like our Facebook community), or seeking guidance from healthcare professional. Sharing experiences, challenges and triumphs with others who understand can be incredibly empowering and uplifting.

Wardrobe revamp

As your body transforms, so does your wardrobe. Embrace the joy of shopping for new clothes off the rack, that flatter your new figure. If there was ever a time to experiment with different colours, styles, and accessories, it’s now! This way you can feel confident and stylish whilst evolving your self-image and boost your self-esteem.

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