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Expert Meal Planning for Bariatric Patients

Meal planning and nutrition is crucial for bariatric patients to ensure proper healing after bariatric surgery. It is also important for weight management and overall health. Here are some tips from us at Healthier Weight to consider when planning your meals.

Follow the guidelines

After surgery it is extremely important that you are following the correct guidelines that we set to ensure a safe recovery, which can be found here. This is because, by slowly building up to a regular diet with liquid and puree diets, it avoids any chance of your wounds struggling to heal. These diets help your body adjust to new stomach without being overwhelmed and pushed passed your limits.

Prioritise your protein

If your follow our social media or have read our other blogs you will know, protein is the main goals for individuals that have had bariatric surgery. This is because, protein is essential for tissue repair as well as preserving your muscles mass. Protein rich foods such as lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs and tofu are great for your meals.

Portion control

As you know, the main aim of bariatric surgery is to reduce the size of your stomach. For this reason, it’s important you don’t revert to your old, larger portion sizes, which will inevitably stretch your stomach. A smart way to do this is by using portion control plates, bowls, and utensils. You can also focus on nutrient-dense foods which will ensure you are getting enough nutrition in smaller quantities.

Stay hydrated

A simple yet effective tip to follow is to stay hydrated. A lot of the time our hunger pang can actually be because we’re thirsty. Because of this, we advise you to have sips of water between meals whilst avoiding drinking with meals to avoid any discomfort.

Mindful eating

It’s important to practice mindful eating by eating slowly, chewing thoroughly and genuinely just savouring your food. By taking time to enjoy your food instead of rushing, you can avoid overeating, help your digestion, and promote your satisfaction from smaller portions.

Vitamins and minerals

We at healthier weight believe it’s extremely important to ensure you are meeting your nutritional requirements, which often means taking your supplements recommended by our after-care team. Whilst vitamins can help you reach your goals, it’s also important to try and get these minerals and vitamins in nutritional foods that can improve your overall wellbeing.

Regular meals and snacks

Last but definitely not least, we encourage patients to establish an eating schedule that includes regular meals and healthy snacks throughout the day. Try not to avoid meals as it can cause you to overeat later.

Try using these tips and seeing if they can help you day to day. Even if it’s creating a checklist, to see if you are achieving each of these factors for a healthier and happier life!

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