Mr Rishi Singhal Answers Your Mini Bypass Questions

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The number of Mini Bypass procedures being done it the UK, and around the world, is on the increase. It’s certainly an option that anyone with a BMI above 40 should consider.

Given the interest in mini bypass right now we sat down with Mr Singhal, weight loss surgeon and our medical director, to put to him your questions about Mini Bypass:

How many surgeons and hospitals are doing the mini bypass?

Very few surgeons are trained to do Mini bypass in the UK, no more than about 10-15. Even fewer private hospitals can offer Mini. We think 5 or 6 in total. I do Mini gastric bypass at the Priory Hospital in Birmingham and at the Spire Parkway in Solihull. They both have the weight loss surgery experience needed to support patients properly. Its a good idea for anyone considering mini bypass to choose a surgeon who does them in their private and NHS practices.(In addition to Birmingham the Healthier Weight centres in Manchester, London and Southampton offer mini bypass)

Is there a concern about reflux after mini bypass?

There is research to show that Mini patients are more likely to develop reflux symptoms. The same applies with gastric sleeve. If reflux symptoms occur they can usually be controlled with medication.

Is Mini or traditional bypass better?

They both have a role to play. The traditional bypass is better for people who are dealing with weight-related health issues today. The weight loss results are similar for both. An attraction of mini is that it can be revised to traditional bypass at a later date if needed.When I am doing complex revision surgery I always consent patients for both bypass options as its good to have mini as a back up in the event there are technical difficulties that prevent completion of the traditional.

Is the risk of micronutrient malabsorption higher?

It’s hard to say. There is some research to say that people are more likely to develop micronutrient problems but the technique we use today has developed so that risk is reduced. Most micronutrient issues can be treated, it’s important therefore that people attend for routine blood tests recommended.(Healthier Weight include blood tests at 5 and 21 months post op as part of their standard package)

Should patients consider mini and traditional bypass?

Definitely. It’s important that people understand all of their options. At the consultation, I talk to all patients with a BMI above 35 about the band, sleeve and bypass, both mini and Roux-en-Y. Patients can never be too informed.

As Mr Singhal says, you can never be too informed about your weight loss surgery. If you have a question about Mini Bypass or any other weight loss procedure, ask our team by calling 0333 254 4387 or make a mini bypass enquiry below by clicking the pink button.

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