Is weight loss surgery right for me?

Welcome to your Is weight loss surgery right for me?

I cannot do the things I used to do because of my weight
I would be more active if I were thinner
I have significant health problems because of my weight
I have seriously tried dieting for more than one month at least five times
I have lost more than 50 pounds and gained it back
I believe my parents or grandparents died prematurely partly because of their weight
I can name three things I cannot do because of my weight
I would be happier if I were thinner
I feel that I would be more valuable to my immediate family if I were thinner
(answer if in a relationship) If I were thinner my partner would love me more than they do now
(answer if not in a relationship) If I were thinner it would be easier to find someone interested in me
I have successfully handled life-altering changes in my life without getting depressed
I do not have diabetes type-II, high blood pressure or heart disease
I do not have trouble sleeping
I do not have chronic joint disease or pain
I do not have sleep apnea, GERD or high cholesterol
I eat breakfast most days
If there were no mirrors in society and no one cared how I looked, I would be happy with the way I am right now
There are activates I avoid because of my appearance
I have some eating problems that I don't think most people have such as: bulimia and/or bingeing on more than 3,000 calories at one time, several times a month.
I have been told or wondered if I have an obsessive-compulsive personality
I have some obsessive-compulsive indictors such as
  • Alcohol abuse 
  • Child abuse (where I am the perpetrator)
  • Drug addiction (including prescription drugs)
  • Excessive cleaning 
  • Flashes of rage
  • Hoarding of food or junk
  • Picking at skin to excess 
  • excessive viewing of pornography
  • promiscuity 
  • pulling out hair so I have bald spots 
  • Shopaholism 
  • Shoplifing 
  • Workaholism
I have been overweight since childhood
(For women only) I was unable to lose my pregnancy weight within the first year of childbirth
(For men only) I seemed to gain most of my weight before the age of 30
(For teens only) I don't believe I eat too much as compared with out teens I know
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