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Real Men Share How Weight Loss Surgery Changed Their Life

weight loss surgery for men mens health

This week is national men’s health week, this year 2022, the theme highlights the importance of taking stock of men’s overall health. It’s important that now the pandemic is mostly over, health and wellness aren’t forgotten about. 

The Mens Health Forum shared that one in five men die before the age of 65. We wanted to inspire others to reflect on their health by sharing the stories of real men who have turned their lives around with weight loss surgery.


gastric bypass before and after weight loss surgery

I had my surgery in March 2019, if I had waited a year later, then I think my outcome of the covid-19 pandemic would have been deadly

Nik - Lost 16 Stone

with the gastric bypass

Before weight loss surgery Nik weighed 34 stone, and despite seeming happy to play the “big Nik” character to his friends and family, inside Nik knew he needed to change. 

Nik’s health didn’t just effect him physically but mentally too, he expressed how it felt like demons would always win and take over. Causing a dangerous spiral of 

The gastric bypass saved Nik from going through the pandemic as a high risk person. He shared that he didn’t think he would have been here had it not been for the weight loss surgery improving his health before COVID-19. 


male after weight loss surgery

just let the haters hate and just do you! If you lose people along the way, they were never your people

Neil Lost 9 Stone

with the gastric sleeve

Neil had gastric sleeve surgery with us 2 years ago, and can’t express how much the surgery has improved his overall health.

Since the surgery, he has been able to achieve impossible goals that  he never thought he would have been able to do pre-op. This month he is set to run 100 miles! 


lost 16 stone after gastric bypass surgery male weight loss surgery

For me it was more than just weight loss surgery, it’s being able to  live a sustainable life style and envisioning myself living to an old age

Robbie Lost 16 Stone

with the gastric bypass

Robbie had always had an unhealthy relationship with food, when he was younger he was underweight, and barely eating, then growing up he was on another side of the scale, and overeating to deal with his mental health. 

He wanted to be able to lose the weight but more than anything he just wanted to be healthy and sustain that lifestyle long-term. 

With the support of his family he made the decision to undergo weight loss surgery and have a gastric bypass. Robbie shared that he feels that the surgery saved his life, taking him out of the dark hole of depression and giving him a new outlook on life. 

There was a time when he didn’t see a future due to his mental and physical health but now, he can see himself living a full happy and healthy life. 

I wanted to make a change and be a better person. If you don’t do it for yourself, you won’t do it. There is no point doing it for other people.

James Lost 22 Stone

with the mini gastric bypass

At his heaviest James weight 35 stone. It was during a family holiday that he reflected on how his health was affecting him. He was struggling to get around and keep up with everyone, he felt that his weight was making him miss out on being part of memories. 

James research weight loss surgery and knew that it would be the long-term solution and help him reach a healthy weight.  The mini-gastric bypass was recommended as the most powerful choice, which was the surgery he went with. 

Now he’s lost an amazing 22 stone and is back on track to living the life he wanted. He explained to us how all aspects of his life have improved, from how he feels at work to his overall attitude to life. 

weight loss surgery made me love my life style more than ever, and keep up exercise that I actually love doing

Simon Lost 23 Stone

with the mini gastric bypass

Simon suffered a lifetime of bullying due to his size, even during work, he was constantly made fun of because of his weight. 

Although he had tried dieting in the past, nothing seemed to help him lose weight and maintain it. He was ready for a change that would make a lifelong difference, improve his health immediately and put an end to the bullying.

He came to us for a gastric sleeve and has since lost 23 stone. The weight loss improved simons health but also his confidence, and self-love. He is now a regular gym go-er and focuses on living the most active life style he can.

If you are interested in a gastric procedure such as the gastric band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass or ESG. You can contact our expert team today and book a free consult with one of our weight loss surgeons.


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