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Septembers steps – Mapping out your Walk

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Autumn is here! There is nothing not to love about the orange leaves crunching under your feet, the cold air touching your face, while the sun reflects beautiful splashes of pink and yellow in the distance. However, the transition from summer to Autumn can sometimes be
gloomy, as the light nights fade away and the natural energy from the sun disappears, and we
can become a little lazier. 

This September, let’s make it count and get those natural endorphins walking and feel the benefits of Steptember! You may be thinking, where shall I start? What route shall I take? Don’t you sweat it. We have ranked the best places to walk in the UK, so let’s get started.

Pollok Country Park

We are starting from the top to Glasgow’s most significant and exclusive country park. Beautiful scenes of green and historical background as it was the former home to the maxwell family. 

Pollok Country Park is enormous, 360 acres, giving you plenty of room to get your daily steps in.

Suggested planned routes discovered by 16 brilliant hikes & walks in Glasgow 

1.  the Highland Cattle Walk, which is 1.9 miles and displayed with red markers.

2. The Pond Walk is 1.4 miles and is slightly shorter, and presented with blue features.

3. Finally, the shortest route, the Burrel Walk which is perfect for first-time walkers!
The distance is 0.7 miles and arranged with yellow markers, so you can easily follow
the route. 

industrial Washington has a humbled, beautiful wooded park with three planned walking routes, starting from 1km to 3km. And did you know that walking the distance of 3km in an
average of 40 mins you can achieve 4,000 steps! That’s nearly halfway to completing your daily measures of 10,000. What an accomplishment that will be!

1. Green route – 1km
2. Blue route – 2km 
3. Red route – 3km

Remember, if you are a beginner, start with a minor route such as the green track, and
gradually you will become a walking sensation!

Are you feeling adventurous? Well, you have come to the right blog because Leeds’s finest valley has a 7-mile route, and it is possible to complete 10,000 steps.
This trail starts from Meanwood nature reserve and ends in the scenic countryside near Alwoodley. 
Go ahead and get your walking shoes on and follow the link to the mapped route to

Colliers Wood

These woods have many paths to explore, giving you the perfect opportunity to burn those daily calories and follow 5km routes in the fresh air. But wait, what about stepping and chatting? You may fancy meeting up with friends, grabbing a hot coffee, and getting your regular exercise, all at the same time. So, why not call up your friends and pencil in a date?! 

Did you know that you can reach 6,250 steps when walking a distance of 5km!

Sefton Park

The district of Liverpool has the most stunning park that’s over 235 acres, featuring the Sefton palm house and the calming boat lake. It approximately takes forty minutes to walk
around this wonderous park and many paths to choose from.

According to Alltrails, Sefton park has a 4.3 Km loop that features a beautiful scenic lake.
Please click for directions, and let’s get 5,000 steps!

Cannock Chase

Halfway there, we have now reached the middle of the country! Explore the natural beauty Cannock Chase has to offer, take in nature and get walking. 

Walks for beginner- According to Komoot, the Stoneybrook pool route is ideal for anyone, and it can take two hours.

Advanced walkers
Have you been walking for some time now and want a challenge? Try Cannock
Chases Glacial Boulder route. This path takes approximately two and a half hours and is
5.30 miles.


The journey is always a struggle until you get to the top and see the view, right? If you want
to observe the beautiful scenic view for miles, then this Walk is for you. Snowdon will be a
challenge and a half but imagine the sense of achievement you will feel!

Suggest route to take – Llanberis Path
Llanberis Path is the easiest route to the top and can take 5-7 hours to walk. So make sure you get plenty of rest the night before and give yourself time.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race. 

When walking 9 miles slowly, you can achieve 20,268 steps, which is way over your daily
target, and the next day you will deserve a rest

Hyde Park

The famous Hyde Park, right in the heart of central London is an easy escape from city life. Step into nature for a few hours, refresh your mind and get those steps up. This park features a remarkable rose garden, wildlife and many cafes to get refreshments along the way. 

We recommend the outer circle route, which is 4.2 miles which can take up to an hour and a half. 

When walking 4.2 miles, you can achieve 9,000 steps! One thousand steps away from
reaching 10,000. 

Gorge-ous views, Devon

After all, it is Autumn, and seeing those orange and yellow trees falling can be magical! So why not visit one of the UK’s most extensive woodlands. With over 1000 acres, you can find
your perfect journey. 

Take the Gorge-ous view walking trail that takes 40 minutes and a distance of 1.6 km. You
don’t want to miss this one.

Do you usually put your feet up and relax by watching Netflix? Why not try something different? Instead of watching a 40 minute TV show, let’s walk, relax your mind, achieve 2,000 steps, and get healthier.

Save the biggest till last! Tunbridge well circle walk

Well, if you want a challenging route and have been training for a test, then Tunbridge is where you should be walking. Tunbridge Well Circle Walk is a massive 27.5 miles!
But, while getting in your steps for the week, you can explore Tunbridges’s nature and history, featuring Tudeley church with its outstanding stained glass windows.

Don’t worry. If the sound of 27.5 miles doesn’t appeal to you at the moment and you want something shorter, then Tunbridge has four more small circle routes. Each walk starts in the historic town with plenty of access to transport.

I suppose it is now down to you to get those trainers on, pack your healthy packed lunch, grab a bottle of water and get walking! Getting outside and being active can improve so many avenues of your life mentally and physically. 

So get ready, set and go. Happy Steptember!

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