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Do I need to stop smoking when I have gastric sleeve surgery?

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The purpose of this blog is not to lecture.

Like any responsible healthcare organisation, we encourage patients to stop smoking. We know that’s unrealistic for some people and we don’t preach about it.

There are very important reasons why you should stop smoking if you are having sleeve or bypass surgery. However, the principal one is that you increase your risk of a perforation. Smoking damages the tissue of the stomach and considerably increases the risk of a tear/perforation.

So, when your surgeon is telling you to stop smoking, it’s not due to some ‘stop smoking’ campaign but for your safety during and after your surgery.

Maybe having your gastric sleeve, and taking the bold step to improve your quality of life, and extend it, is also the right time to quit smoking

Rishi Singhal

Rishi Singhal

Rishi is an expert bariatric surgeon based in the West Midlands and also Medical Director at Healthier Weight

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