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STOPTOBER – 13 Days Healthier and Richer

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Healthier, Happier and Richer

It’s that time of year again when all the smokers say “this time I will stop smoking”. The 1st of October comes and everyone throws the cigarettes away and vows to stop for the whole month. But, with a variety of celebrations coming your way, it can be easy to fall back into old habits. What if you carried on and quit smoking for the October and beyond? You could save thousands of pounds and your health from serious illness. 

According to the NHS,smoking increases your risk of developing more than 50 serious health conditions.” And now more than ever, health is the main priority with the outbreak of Covid 19. As stated on the GOV website, “being obese or excessively overweight increases the risk of severe illness.”  Now more than ever, we need to start thinking of ourselves, what is good for our bodies, and what will give us a better quality of life. 

If you’ve made it to day 13 without caving to light one up then your body will already have benefitted so much. Your lungs will have starting relaxing and breathing will be easier. If you’ve noticed your cravings have improved this is because nicotine will have been completely eliminated from the body

Save Your Money!

We would be lying if we said that money wasn’t the main focus in life. It is what makes the world go round. If you are smoking daily, you could be saving at least £200 per month by putting down the cigarettes. Imagine all that spare cash you’d have to put towards something more beneficial to your health.

Set a goal of something you want to do with your life; go on holiday, buy a new car or improve your health. Doing something as simple as writing on a sticky note and putting it on your fridge door can keep you on track when thinking about inhaling a cigarette. Look at your bank, see the money increase, and remind yourself that you wouldn’t have the spare cash if you still smoked. 


Imagine being able to breathe and coughing less! Being able to walk up the stairs without needing to take a break. Or finally participating in daily exercise with clearer lungs. 

“People breathe more easily and cough less when they give up smoking because their lung capacity improves by up to 10% within 9 months.” – NHS. 

Having the energy to live the life you deserve

Imagine feeling the benefits of getting up in the morning, beginning your daily exercise, and having the energy to complete a day’s work and still feel energised!

 “Within 2 to 12 weeks of stopping smoking, your blood circulation improves. This makes all physical activity, including walking and running, much easier.” – NHS. 

'I feel stressed. I need a cigarette'

You may think that smoking reduces stress, but as a matter of fact, you could be getting confused with nicotine withdrawal. The NHS said that “the withdrawal from nicotine between cigarettes can heighten feelings of stress”. 

'I want a baby'

Are you a smoker and trying to get pregnant but can’t? Well, it could be due to smoking! As stated by the NHS, apparently, “Non-smokers find it easier to get pregnant. Quitting smoking improves the lining of the womb and can make men’s sperm more potent”.

So if your end goal is a family, it might be a good idea to throw away the cigarette box.

To Live a Longer and Healthier Life

Who doesn’t want to live longer! Quit today and add years back to your life. The NHS claim that it is never too late to stop smoking, adding years back to your life and, most importantly, improving your health. And also, “half of all long-term smokers die early from smoking-related diseases, including heart disease, lung cancer and chronic bronchitis.”

Imagine making that decision right now. How exciting! You could be on your way to losing weight, stopping smoking and improving your health.

We can safely say that stopping smoking outweighs the negatives, and there is a new, healthier and wealthier life for you on the other side.

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