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Supporting Your Partner Through Weight Loss Surgery

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Support from friends, family, and partners is a fundamental part to success in a weight loss journey

Is someone you know going through weight loss surgery? Maybe you have just started researching the different weight loss procedures or perhaps the surgery is booked in. Whatever part of the weight loss journey they are on, your support throughout will be vital. 

Understanding why

Weight is a sensitive topic and even if you’re in a strong stable relationship, talking about weight can bring up a lot of emotions and feelings. If you’re the partner of someone who is considering or going through bariatric surgery then it’s more than likely you have been with them through their weight up’s and downs. You’ve seen how their weight affects their day to day life mentally and physically. 

Weight loss surgery for them might be the light at the end of a tunnel, a chance to get their life back and finally take control of their weight. 

So, ask all the questions you need to. It doesn’t matter if they can’t answer them right then and there but together you can find the answers and understand why weight loss surgery is the solution for them. 

Share your feelings with each other

It’s understandable that both parties will have strong feelings about the weight loss surgery. Whether it’s fear of change, complications, finances or just uncertainty about the whole thing. 

The most important thing to do is share those fears and uncertainties with each other. Remember the reasons why they want this, they are more than likely just as scared as you are and going into it as a team rather than against each other will only help both of you with your fears.

Do your research

Whether weight loss surgery is a new conversation between you and your partner or something that’s been a topic for months, research is key. 

Find out everything you can about the procedures, patient stories, surgeons, clinics, diets etc. The more you know the better prepared you will be to support your partner. 

Join community groups on Facebook and other socials. You will find that people in the weight loss surgery world a very supportive and happy to offer their advice and guidance.

Embrace the new them

After the weight loss surgery, the patient will be feeling all the full effects of the weight loss. From feeling more energy to loving themselves again, it’s more than just weight loss surgery. 

This is the bit where they will need your support the most. As they gain more confidence be right beside them cheering them along the way.

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