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Surgeon Mr Mahawar – Weight Loss Surgery is NOT Cosmetic Surgery

weight loss surgery

Severe obesity is associated with impaired functioning of almost all organ systems and a shortened lifespan. Conversely, Bariatric Surgery leads to improvement in the functioning of a range of human organs and increases overall survival. In plain English, bariatric surgery adds years to life and life to the years!

Despite these scientifically proven benefits in control and treatment of a range of medical conditions like Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, Dyslipidaemia, Fatty Liver, Infertility, and so on, many patients perceive it to be a cosmetic intervention. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This sets them on the wrong path and can often result in unrealistic expectations. For example, weight loss required to make a meaningful difference to health parameters may be different from what is needed to obtain a picture-perfect body – which quite frankly most patients (like most human beings) will never achieve.

I am not denying that weight loss can enhance physical appearance and that itself may be associated with an improvement in confidence and social outlook but that should not be the main reason for seeking bariatric surgery. It should be perceived as a tool for improvement in health and quality of life and a scientifically proven method for achieving durable weight loss when combined with appropriate changes in eating habits and lifestyle.

If you are interested in a gastric procedure such as the gastric band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass or ESG. You can contact our expert team today and book a free consult with one of our weight loss surgeons.


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