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Surgeon Explains Why Weight Loss Surgery Is Not Cheating

Weight Loss Surgery Is Not The Easy Way Out

There is unfortunately still an ignorant belief that weight loss surgery is cheating, and and easy way out. Anyone who has had weight loss surgery such a a gastric sleeve will know first hand that the procedure does not make weight loss happen over night. It is still a process to get reach a healthy weight. We spoke to two of our weight loss surgeons, who have years of experience in weight loss surgery their opinions on this.

"It requires commitment from the patients to achieve results" - Surgeon Mr Brij Madhok

We asked our weight loss surgeon Mr Madhok, who operates out of The Ramsay Oaklands Hospital in Manchester, what his thoughts were on people who say weight loss surgery is cheating. This is what he had to say. 

"Weight loss surgery is by no means cheating. It is certainty not an easy way (of losing weight), any patient who has had weight loss surgery will vouch for that. It requires good commitment from the patient, to make the changes and there is huge changes to diet and lifestyle. Their relationship with food completely changes to make significant changes to their eating habits to get the result that they achieve. You have to be mentally well prepared, and have good support from the team. Which is why at Healthier Weight we are really proud of  the support after surgery we offer to help achieve the result.

"It's The Treatment For A Disease Called Obesity" - Mr Kamal Mahawar

Mr Kamal Mahawar has spent over 20 years working in the field of bariatrics and performing weight loss surgery to help tackle people living with obesity. This is what he had to say about weight loss surgery being an easy way out. 

"The only thing I can say to them (people who say weight loss surgery is cheating) is that they clearly haven't had the surgery themselves, if they had they would know that it's not. Bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) is an operation, you undergo the operation and then live with it for the rest of your life. You have to follow a certain set of rules, it's not an easy way out. It's the treatment for a disease called obesity and or diabetes. Whoever challenges that, doesn't understand the disease and certainty doesn't understand the patients.

People Living With Obesity Can't Just "Eat Less and Move More" Say's Mr Mahawar.

People living with obesity face struggles and medical issues that eating less and moving more can’t solve. We spoke to Mr Mahawar about this, and why to tackle the disease of obesity sometimes more drastic measures such as weight loss surgery need to be taken. 

Weight Loss Surgery Is a Tool That Expands Life Spans By 10 Years.

All of the weight loss procedures available such as;

require patients to work with them to make the weight loss successful. Powerful procedures like the gastric bypass can not only see patients lose up to 80% of excess weight, but also add 10 years onto your life. 

It’s more than just weight loss surgery, it’s taking back control over the rest of your life. 

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