The Healthier Weight app: Behind the Numbers

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At Healthier Weight, we understand weight loss is more than just the number on the scales. It’s a change in self-confidence, being able to do things you never thought possible, spending more time with your family and ultimately, being a happier, healthier you.

It’s important to understand that your weight loss procedure won’t do all of the hard work for you. The success of your weight loss journey is dependant on your daily habits and your psychological wellbeing.

We’re always looking at areas in which we can improve the service that we offer, and we found a gap in aftercare tools to provide accessible, structured education and coaching to guide you through the days, weeks, months and years after your surgery day.

That’s why we created the Healthier Weight app, a platform to help you learn new habits around keeping fit, eating well and being psychologically strong with the changes that your procedure will bring.

The Healthier Weight app helps people lose more weight

In just the few months that the app has been live, we are starting to see that patients who embrace the app and use the resources available are recording greater weight loss results so far:

  • Patients who use the app for weight tracking only have so far lost on average 5.10% of their body weight and 12.7% of their excess weight
  • Patients who use the diet and fitness resources as well as tracking their weight have so far lost on average 8.02% of their body weight and 21.57% of their excess weight
  • Patients who use their nutritionist appointment as well as engaging with on demand content, recipes and live messenger, have so far lost on average 9.36% of their body weight and 23.73% of their excess weight

As we’ve said before, it’s about more than just weight loss, but these figures go to show just how useful the app can be in teaching new habits to maximise your procedure.

We’ve worked hard to develop the most comprehensive aftercare package in the UK, and every patient can enjoy at least one year of access to the Healthier Weight app, which can be extended depending on your chosen aftercare package level.

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