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The NHS’ Better Health campaign supporting millions to lose weight

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The COVID-19 pandemic has increased public interest in health, providing people with the opportunity to address their personal health. COVID has highlighted how excess weight in particular makes it harder for the body to fight against diseases. Many have gone on their own journeys to a healthier lifestyle, there has been a rise in seeing people quit smoking, cut down on their alcohol intake, and looking after their mental health.

With the growing rate of obesity becoming a pressing issue in the UK (63% of the population is either overweight or obese [1]). And, after the Public Health England’s survey that found close to 50% of people had put on weight since the first lockdown in March last year [2]. The government has responded by unveiling their new obesity strategy to urge the country to lose weight. In an effort to beat coronavirus, protect the NHS and move towards a healthier nation.

“We want to make it easier for people to adopt a healthier lifestyle that works for them.

Part of the master plan to move towards a healthier nation is the Better Health campaign. Set to focus on providing a range of tools and resources to help people take control of their health by losing weight, staying active and adopting a healthier lifestyle in general. We can also expect to see the government making some drastic changes to how calorific and sugary foods are marketed, with new measurements and laws coming into place very soon.

What we know so far

ban tv advert

Ban on TV and online adverts for food high in fat, sugar and salt before 9pm

take away calories

Any restaurants, take always & cafes with more than 250 employees will be required to put calorie labels on their menus  

bogof food

An end to all promotional offers such as buy one get one free, on foods that are high in fat & sugar. 

beer calroies

Before the end of the year, a new consultation will be launched with a plan to provide calorie labelling on alcohol

NHS capacity

The NHS will expand its healthcare services, including more online software and apps as well as things like GPs prescribing fitness and exercises classes to patients 

food pack calories

The current traffic light system on food packaging will be reviewed to see how it can be more beneficial to help shoppers choose the healthiest option

This Better Health campaign will appear across TV, radio, digital channels over the next few weeks, as well as appearing on public billboards and social media. We are in full support of this government push and look forward to seeing how the campaign impacts the obesity rate in England. You can see how Better Health can benefit you here.

This campaign is a huge step in the right direction in tackling the obesity epidemic in the UK. Aside from the day to day benefits, people will gain from having a healthy weight, it’s reducing the risk of diseases such as cancer, type 2 diabetes and COVID-19.

Weight loss surgery remains the most effective way to take back control of your weight. With every procedure giving the patient the best possible chance at losing significant amounts of weight and keeping it off. With studies showing patients losing 50-60% of excess fat through our gastric band, and with a more powerful procedure like the sleeve. giving an average of 60-70%.

If you’re thinking about weight loss surgery, you can book your free consultation here.


[1]  NHS https://digital.nhs.uk/data-and-information/publications/statistical/statistics-on-obesity-physical-activity-and-diet/england-2020/part-3-adult-obesity-copy

[2] GOV https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-obesity-strategy-unveiled-as-country-urged-to-lose-weight-to-beat-coronavirus-covid-19-and-protect-the-nhs

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